Maternity Fashion for Every Body Type

While you love what’s happening inside of your body, you may not always love what is happening to your body. Growing as baby grows can leave you feeling anxious about how to dress your pregnant frame.  Clothes should accentuate the gorgeous body you have, and looking and feeling fabulous depends on finding the fashions that suit you best.

Most of us obsess about certain parts of our body, whether it’s our arms, hips, or in my case, knees. Because we don’t like that particular aspect of our body, we think everyone else only sees that “fault” too. It’s really about bringing proportion and balance to your body and seeing yourself as a whole, not just parts.

The best place to start is to identify your pre-pregnancy body type. Below you will find three common body types. Don’t worry if it is not a perfect match, it is just a starting point.

The Petite Body: Maternity Fashions that Fit

This Isabella Oliver Richmond Dress Available at Carry Maternity is great for a petite frame.

Petite definition:

Any body shape under 5’4′. Petite clothing addresses the issue of shorter proportions.


  1. Wear figure-conscious clothing. This does not mean skin tight. The clothing should skim your body, showing your figure, but not tight enough to stress the fabric. Too much fabric will swallow up your body.
  2. Dresses elongate the body, especially smaller prints and solids.
  3. When wearing separates, keep colours tonal.
  4. When wearing colour, use the 1/3 rule. Put the brighter colour on the top 1/3 of your body to bring the eye up and to not chop your body in half.
  5. Heels, even a 1/2 inch one, are better than flats.

A few  style picks for you ….


The Curvy Body: Maternity Fashions that Fit

Our Carry Maternity Wrap Dress is perfect for a curvy frame. See blog for style tips.

Curvy definition:

Rounder bust and hips with a small waist


  1. Fit is extremely important for a curvy gal. Look for fitted clothes that accentuate curves; oversized or baggy clothing will add the appearance of weight.
  2. Emphasize your small waist with a belt or pieces that nip in at the waist.
  3. Keep necklines open without being overly revealing.
  4. Darker wash denim is recommended to create a slimmer, longer-legged look.
  5. Don’t avoid colour and prints. Prints are great to camouflage areas that can get fuller with pregnancy.
  6. Seamless underwear and well-fitting bras will create a smooth silhouette..

A few style picks for you …


The Straight Body: Maternity Fashions that Fit

This Carry Maternity Shift dress is perfect for the straight body type. Learn more on the blog.

Straight definition:

Bust and hips are approximately the same width and there is little or no waist definition.


Pregnancy will give you some of the curves you did not have before.

  1. Can wear a wide variety of styles.
  2. Wear clothes that will create a waist – belts, wrap & side-tie dresses.
  3. Clothes with flow and some volume are good;  think pleats, tucks, and gathers.
  4. Emphasizing the bust can slim down the waist – scoop, sweetheart and v-shape necklines help achieve this.
  5. Enjoy wearing colours, patterns & details such ruffles, ruching and gathers

A few style picks for you …

The key principle, no matter your frame, is to bring balance to the figure. You know you’ve fitted the body right when you look in the mirror, happily and confidently, and see the whole body and not just a body part or two. Clothes are supposed to make you feel good; that is what is so fun about fashion! If you aren’t having fun with your maternity fashion, come and see us. You deserve to look your best.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to maternity fashion. Our job is to provide you with the designs that compliment your expectant frame, and our matchmaking service – bringing women like you in touch with the fashions that fit – is our specialty. Whether you are shopping online or in-store, shopping with your pre-pregnancy frame in mind will accentuate your best assets, giving you confidence in a time when you aren’t always feeling your best.

And if we might say, in closing, … bodies come in all gorgeous shapes and sizes.

Embrace yours.


Celebrity-Inspired Maternity Dresses to Suit Your Personality

No matter if you are a confessed celeb watcher, a closet admirer of the rich and famous or an occasional curious cat, celebrities can inspire our fashion choices. It can be fun – and even affordable! – to be led by the wardrobes of some of our favourite public personalities. So feel inspired! Match your personality with each of these expectant celebrities and find out what our designer Pat has created, just for you. That’s what makes us different at Carry Maternity; we help you to choose the clothes that say “you” best. Because clothes that express “you-ness” are the most fun to wear, fit the most comfortably and make you feel amazing – even with morning sickness, water retention and heartburn! Take a look at these celebrity inspired maternity dresses and match your style.

Celebrity Inspired Spring Fashion - Look 1 on Carry Maternity


Celebrity Inspired Style 1: A Pregnant Zooey Deschanel

Buzz-word: Retro-Chic

You are: Confident, quirky, with a fun and flirty style

You like: Prints, black and white

Pat has designed this gorgeous black and white print dress with twist knot detail at the waist to accentuate your feminine curves. It plays up your flirty style, while being breezy and effortlessly beautiful.


Celebrity Inspired Spring Fashion - Look #2 on Carry Maternity

Celebrity Inspired Style 2: A Pregnant Keira Knightley

Buzz-word: The New Romantic

You are: Graceful, old world with a new world, modern edge

You like: Florals, hand-crafted details like lace and ribbons

This floral dress brings a pop of colour into the romantic’s wardrobe and is perfect for the girl who straddles the old and new world of fashion; classic but with a modern refinement. This dress would soften the angular and waif-like character of Keira’s body, but looks stunning on any woman who loves feminine style in her wardrobe.


Celebrity Inspired Spring Fashion - Look #3 by Carry Maternity

Celebrity Inspired Style 3: A Pregnant Jessica Biel

Buzz-word:  Glamorous Leading Lady

You are: Sexy and polished. A classic hollywood beauty that belongs on the red carpet.

You like: Sophistication and sparkle, shape and sex appeal

Reach for this high-waisted, curve-flattering dress in the ultimate feminine shade of soft pink. The detail on this dress elevates it; a empire waist emphasizes the baby bump while offering a figure-flattering cinch. The ruching along the side draws the eye to the curve of the hip and is flattering on all body types. This look is glamorous, sexy and polished.

Let’s face it, celebrities inspire us. And sometimes it is fun to steal a little something from their style book and replicate it in our own wardrobe.

While celebrities make for great muses for our designer Pat, it really is the customers that determine the styles we end up creating. It can be a gorgeous dress to look at, but if it doesn’t fit your life, it just isn’t worth it. We work to match your personality with the clothes that bring you alive. A woman wearing the perfect dress is confident, happy and a celebrity in her own right.

So, which celebrity style best suits you? And where will you be wearing that perfect dress?!