Bump Goes to a Bridal Shower

baby shower dress

Bump age: 29 weeks and 1 day

May is a busy month for Bump and I simply because everything awesome happens around this time of the year. Last week was my birthday and then Mother’s Day – thanks to Squishy, I am now entitled to celebrate! It’s also wedding season and my dear soon-to-be-married friend Sarah had her bridal shower this past weekend (psst, that’s a hint that there is a how-to-dress-your-bump for wedding post coming soon).

Sarah’s bridal shower was held at Symposium Cafe, a Mississauga restaurant that has a private room big enough to comfortably fit all her family and friends. It was a chilly, windy and rainy day but for such a cheerful event, I choose to wear this Carry Floral Tube Dress. To stay warm, I wore my go-to Noppies 40 denier tights and kept a short black cardi handy. This Carry dress has side ruching which hugs in and flatters my almost 30-week-old bump. The print is playful yet printed on a black canvas, which is en pointe. The verdict – not only comfortable, this piece is definitely a must-have, staple piece, great for bridal shower, baby shower or any event with flowers. And to my style delight, my dress perfectly complemented Sarah’s lovely floral headpiece.

The shower went on through the afternoon and, of course, there were games. My favorite one was “Find Your Mate.” Each of us had a secret celebrity name tagged on our backs and we not only had to figure out who we were by asking questions about our secret celebrity, but we also had to find our current “partner-in-crime.” Brilliant and fun, it was a great way to meet everyone in the room. After lunch, there was a simple yet very delicious vanilla and strawberry cake which was heavenly. I managed to curb my cake enthusiasm and not over-consume, knowing that later that evening was Pat’s surprise birthday dinner party. But shhh … I would never tell.



Only a Mother Knows

 Bump age: 28 weeks day 0

We all love our mothers. They are warm, loving, kind and our safe haven. But do we really love our mothers the way they love us? Only a mother knows…

…  the inconceivable joy that lights up her heart and face when she sees those two little red lines on her pregnancy test.

…  the regimen of prenatal pills and essential vitamins that will help her baby’s in-utero development. Before she became life bearing, she would often forget to even eat on busy days.

… the feeling of anticipation of her first ultrasound, when she gets to see her little angel for the very first time. To her, that ultrasound picture is perfect beauty, even though to the rest of world, it just looks like black matter with a small white dot.

…  the feeling of life when she experiences her baby’s first kick. Even though it was very faint, she can describe the moment over and over again with the same sparkle in her eyes.

…  the journey as she watches her body transform day by day to accommodate the growing needs of her baby bump. She readily trades in her Louboutins for Tod’s and her Hervé dresses for Tees by Tina.

… the definition of perseverance when she thinks she has no strength left inside her and she can’t push any more, when her delivery team is encouraging her with  “One last big push and you’ll get to meet your baby!” She bites her teeth, clenches the bedsheets once more and gives it her 120%, one more time.

…  the feeling of exhaustion from waking up at night for feedings, making sure her baby is sleeping soundly – then not being able to go  back to sleep in case her baby cries for help again.

…  the meaning of sacrifice when she gives up her warm mitts on a cold day so her baby’s little hands won’t freeze  

Only a Mother knows the feeling of fulfilment when all the blood, toil, tears and sweat are met with her baby’s first words “Mama, I lub you!” and a heart-melting hug.

Only a Mother knows that even though her baby loves her, she loves her baby to the moon and back.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and Mamas-to-be out there!



Happy Mother's Day with matching mother daughter dresses