Bump Goes to a Garden Party

Bump age: 34 weeks 3 days

It is our annual tradition to invite friends and neighbours to celebrate summer’s arrival and this was the fifth anniversary of our little garden party. Having a garden party is our motivation to spend springtime making sure the backyard is party ready. But this year, while the backyard was ready to shine, the weather was not; so we set up indoors instead.

IMG_2534When I first saw the Carry Watercolour Grecian Dress, it  immediately channeled my inner Renoir and I knew it was the perfect garden party dress. I felt that the soft, dreamy watercolour print would look nice with the greenery and blooming flowers outdoors, which proved true once the rain stopped and we could move the party outside. I must admit that at this point in my pregnancy, comfort trumps style. Luckily with this watercolour dress, I did not have to compromise on either. With a simple thin belt that ties behind the back, the slip-on design does not get easier to put on. The fabric is light and breezy, which, given Toronto’s humidity, is always a bonus. The just-above-the-knee hemline is the perfect length for any mama-to-be. As pretty and comfortable as I felt in this dress, I was not at all surprised when Bump and I received lots of compliments from our guests.

Despite the weather not co-operating, the party was a blast, fun was had by all, and Mr. Fantastic and I were not stressed in our hosting duties (hint – hiring a couple of helping hands = less stress!) Good fun, good food, good people in a good neighbourhood … that’s why we plan to continue our family tradition next year.


Enjoying the afternoon with my good friend Sarah


Bump Goes to a Wedding

Bump age: 33 weeks 2 days

Anticipation has been building up for Sarah and Cris’s big day. Weddings are always heart-warming events, and for me, #SarahandCrisSayIDo is especially so because it’s the first I’ve been invited to since Mr. Fantastic and I got married and it’s the first in my friend circle since my big move to Toronto.

IMG_0001We, the Carry Maternity team, decided to go with a shades of blue theme. Pat hand-picked the Carry Ruched Cocktail Dress for me since the cut and fit looked so good as my holiday party dress (in red) during my first pregnancy. Colours available this season are black, blue, red and rose, which pretty much covers all your needs for any upcoming parties, baby showers, bridal showers and of course weddings.



Now, about this dress and why it is my go-to party dress – not only does it look fabulous but it’s hella comfy! Pardon my French, but both occasions I wore this piece, I was in my last trimester. At this stage, breathing can be a bit more challenging as my lungs are sharing space with an ever-growing Sesame. The secret to this gorgeous dress is the ruching. It not only accommodates the bump, giving ample breathing room, but it also creates a flattering big bump/slim legs effect. The v neckline is cut perfectly to show off “the girls” in a conservative yet sexy way and the straps are not overly thick nor overly thin – just right for a classy event. Pair this with the right necklace and some dressy heels, voila! On that note, while I was getting ready I had a slight wardrobe malfunction – the bra I was wearing was not enough support for my ever-growing, ready-to-nurse boobs and it had more coverage than I needed for this dress. Luckily, I was meeting my crew at Carry Maternity, so I was able to make a switch to a better bra. Lesson learned – always make sure you have the right bra and underwear for your outfit! If any of my readers are seeking a very supportive, smooth finish yet smaller coverage (so it doesn’t peep out of the neckline) nursing bra, ask for the Anita – let’s just say it does wonders!

Congratulations to the beautiful bride, Sarah and the handsome groom, Cris – may you have all the love and happiness in the world!



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