Support – The Key to Breastfeeding Success


A new year, new happenings! During 2017, Carry Maternity will host a variety of events to bring you information and support you during your process of becoming a parent. We are pleased to say that the first event is a monthly breastfeeding cafe, run by lactation consultant Taya Griffin, who we met through the Healthy Moms Toronto networking group. The cafe will run the 2nd Thursday of every month until June and will feature a variety of speakers brought in by Taya. — Carry Maternity

The March cafe will be on Thursday, March 9th and will feature guest speaker Gina McCubbin from My Smart Hands. She will be talking about Infant Sign Language.

Support – The Key to Breastfeeding Success

by Taya Griffin

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

As I began my journey to becoming an expert in all things breastfeeding, I was witness to the reality that mothers who felt supported and nurtured by those around them were more likely to persevere through breastfeeding (and mothering) difficulties to reach their breastfeeding (and mothering!) goals. Partners, mothers, mothers in law, other family members and all kinds of friends play a key role in lifting a mother up. Equally midwives, doctors and other “experts” can make or break mothering confidence and breastfeeding success depending on their education, expertise or personal experience and opinion.

The anticipation of the wild ride of motherhood can be overwhelming.  Beginning the most astounding, mind-blowing adventure of your life, often without a map of any sort, can be both exciting and frightening at the same time.

You may find that your un-babied friends won’t quite get it. Your veteran parent friends may have forgotten all the early challenges and sleepless nights. You may also be all alone without support of either kind feeling isolated in your mothering experience.

Let’s admit it, it takes a supportive village to raise a newborn baby.

Our Central Toronto Breastfeeding Café will now be held at Carry Maternity and will support moms with all kinds of breastfeeding goals. Mothers are welcome to share their unique parenting battles and triumphs, ask questions and socialize with mothers going through the same struggles.  Topics change from month to month and guest speakers will be invited.  No matter your breastfeeding goals or what direction your breastfeeding journey has taken you this group will be a safe space for all participants.

Remember that you are not alone in this breastfeeding and mothering journey! Let’s create the village we all need!

Taya Griffin is a Lactation Consultant, Yoga and Pilates Instructor and a Mother.  She teaches prenatal breastfeeding classes and runs a private practice in Toronto helping mothers reach their breastfeeding goals. RSVP for the Breastfeeding Cafe with Taya at

Bump Goes to a Garden Party

Bump age: 34 weeks 3 days

It is our annual tradition to invite friends and neighbours to celebrate summer’s arrival and this was the fifth anniversary of our little garden party. Having a garden party is our motivation to spend springtime making sure the backyard is party ready. But this year, while the backyard was ready to shine, the weather was not; so we set up indoors instead.

IMG_2534When I first saw the Carry Watercolour Grecian Dress, it  immediately channeled my inner Renoir and I knew it was the perfect garden party dress. I felt that the soft, dreamy watercolour print would look nice with the greenery and blooming flowers outdoors, which proved true once the rain stopped and we could move the party outside. I must admit that at this point in my pregnancy, comfort trumps style. Luckily with this watercolour dress, I did not have to compromise on either. With a simple thin belt that ties behind the back, the slip-on design does not get easier to put on. The fabric is light and breezy, which, given Toronto’s humidity, is always a bonus. The just-above-the-knee hemline is the perfect length for any mama-to-be. As pretty and comfortable as I felt in this dress, I was not at all surprised when Bump and I received lots of compliments from our guests.

Despite the weather not co-operating, the party was a blast, fun was had by all, and Mr. Fantastic and I were not stressed in our hosting duties (hint – hiring a couple of helping hands = less stress!) Good fun, good food, good people in a good neighbourhood … that’s why we plan to continue our family tradition next year.


Enjoying the afternoon with my good friend Sarah


Bump Goes to a Wedding

Bump age: 33 weeks 2 days

Anticipation has been building up for Sarah and Cris’s big day. Weddings are always heart-warming events, and for me, #SarahandCrisSayIDo is especially so because it’s the first I’ve been invited to since Mr. Fantastic and I got married and it’s the first in my friend circle since my big move to Toronto.

IMG_0001We, the Carry Maternity team, decided to go with a shades of blue theme. Pat hand-picked the Carry Ruched Cocktail Dress for me since the cut and fit looked so good as my holiday party dress (in red) during my first pregnancy. Colours available this season are black, blue, red and rose, which pretty much covers all your needs for any upcoming parties, baby showers, bridal showers and of course weddings.



Now, about this dress and why it is my go-to party dress – not only does it look fabulous but it’s hella comfy! Pardon my French, but both occasions I wore this piece, I was in my last trimester. At this stage, breathing can be a bit more challenging as my lungs are sharing space with an ever-growing Sesame. The secret to this gorgeous dress is the ruching. It not only accommodates the bump, giving ample breathing room, but it also creates a flattering big bump/slim legs effect. The v neckline is cut perfectly to show off “the girls” in a conservative yet sexy way and the straps are not overly thick nor overly thin – just right for a classy event. Pair this with the right necklace and some dressy heels, voila! On that note, while I was getting ready I had a slight wardrobe malfunction – the bra I was wearing was not enough support for my ever-growing, ready-to-nurse boobs and it had more coverage than I needed for this dress. Luckily, I was meeting my crew at Carry Maternity, so I was able to make a switch to a better bra. Lesson learned – always make sure you have the right bra and underwear for your outfit! If any of my readers are seeking a very supportive, smooth finish yet smaller coverage (so it doesn’t peep out of the neckline) nursing bra, ask for the Anita – let’s just say it does wonders!

Congratulations to the beautiful bride, Sarah and the handsome groom, Cris – may you have all the love and happiness in the world!



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And for more tips on surviving wedding season, check the blog at Toronto Family Doulas

Only a Mother Knows

 Bump age: 28 weeks day 0

We all love our mothers. They are warm, loving, kind and our safe haven. But do we really love our mothers the way they love us? Only a mother knows…

…  the inconceivable joy that lights up her heart and face when she sees those two little red lines on her pregnancy test.

…  the regimen of prenatal pills and essential vitamins that will help her baby’s in-utero development. Before she became life bearing, she would often forget to even eat on busy days.

… the feeling of anticipation of her first ultrasound, when she gets to see her little angel for the very first time. To her, that ultrasound picture is perfect beauty, even though to the rest of world, it just looks like black matter with a small white dot.

…  the feeling of life when she experiences her baby’s first kick. Even though it was very faint, she can describe the moment over and over again with the same sparkle in her eyes.

…  the journey as she watches her body transform day by day to accommodate the growing needs of her baby bump. She readily trades in her Louboutins for Tod’s and her Hervé dresses for Tees by Tina.

… the definition of perseverance when she thinks she has no strength left inside her and she can’t push any more, when her delivery team is encouraging her with  “One last big push and you’ll get to meet your baby!” She bites her teeth, clenches the bedsheets once more and gives it her 120%, one more time.

…  the feeling of exhaustion from waking up at night for feedings, making sure her baby is sleeping soundly – then not being able to go  back to sleep in case her baby cries for help again.

…  the meaning of sacrifice when she gives up her warm mitts on a cold day so her baby’s little hands won’t freeze  

Only a Mother knows the feeling of fulfilment when all the blood, toil, tears and sweat are met with her baby’s first words “Mama, I lub you!” and a heart-melting hug.

Only a Mother knows that even though her baby loves her, she loves her baby to the moon and back.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and Mamas-to-be out there!



Happy Mother's Day with matching mother daughter dresses


Bump Goes on Vacation – London

Bump age: 23 weeks 4-6 days

If Tenerife was the do-nothing-but-relax vacation, then London was the explore-everywhere-down-to-the-last-minute holiday. I always find myself running out of time in London town so I listed a few spots as my must-sees and dos this time around: Harrods, high tea, Laduree and London Eye.

seraphine knot dressd wendyLuckily my good friend from Vancouver, The Lady and the Rose, was able to take the day off work and explore the city with us. We’ve decided to go to Harrods, since they have both afternoon tea and Laduree. Being in London, and naturally inspired by Duchess Kate’s pregnancy style, I wore the Jolene knot dress by UK designer Seraphine. This dress comes in two colours, fuchsia and peacock, and I proudly own both. Since the fuchsia was well-loved from my first pregnancy and the peacock from the new spring/summer collection, I decided to debut the peacock on this trip. Silky soft and flowing, the Jolene dress is stylishly knotted at the front, creating gentle gathers which drape effortlessly over the bump. This is not only suitable for maternity, but also for postpartum wear. (Just between you and me, it was perfect for the nursing times too!)  The Seraphine brand has also won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2015. Now that’s what I call royalty certified!

After Harrods, the Lady and I settled at the Georgian Cafe for our Easter high tea. For more about our afternoon high tea experience, please read the Lady and the Rose’s post, as she truly writes beautifully and authentically for the both of us.

Carry B&W palm print side tie WendyFor the ultimate London Eye experience, I wore a Carry side tie dress. The black and white pattern went well with my new sleek Londoner hair-do. Comfy, lightweight and half-sleeved, this dress has a tie that cinches the waist on the side and falls just above knee. This cut is also one of Carry’s signature dresses, so you may find it in other colours. Since it was quite chilly, I wore my Burberry signature trench coat outside as a wind breaker.

The public transport system issues expecting ladies a pin that reads “Baby on Board” with the Tube logo on it. Pregnant women may wear this during their transit journey, and other passengers must offer their seats to the ones wearing this badge. I thought this was a fabulous idea and would love to see  Toronto do something similar.

London Eye is definitely a must-do at attraction in London. You can see the city with a 360 degree view during the 30 minute rotation time. Surprisingly, Squishy enjoyed the entire ride and wasn’t afraid of the heights. We met some friends for dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill afterwards to top off the night.

This London trip was too short as always, but we shall be back!



Bump Goes on Vacation – The Doll Museum

Bump age: 23 weeks 2 days

J&J tee seraphine denim shorts wendyFollowing the excursion day, we decided to have a casual beach day to relax and simply eat seafood. I chose to wear a Jules & Jim simple grey tee with a knot detail, matching it with a pair of Seraphine denim shorts. This outfit was casual yet practical to walk the hilly streets of Tenerife and very suitable for the warm weather.

On our last day in Tenerife, we decided to rent a car and visit ArtLandya – a famous doll museum located near Icod de los Vinos. This museum is privately owned by a couple from Austria. The exhibition includes two sections: doll art and teddy bear exhibition. We went to see the doll art section first. The realistic facial expressions of the dolls from various global doll artists were astounding. The artists don’t try to make perfectly pretty looking dolls, but capture the different expressions and emotions of real people. The owner also took the time to explain the process of creating such an art piece, giving me a deeper appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into creating porcelain dolls. The owner also disclosed that his most expensive doll cost up to 23,000 euros, and took one artist 3 months to make. The teddy bear collection was Squishy’s favourite, of course.

Carry sundress zigzag print WendyFor this occasion, I chose to wear a Carry sundress in a gorgeous zigzag print. It’s flowy and versatile, very easy and comfortable to travel in – very important since I would be sitting in a car for a couple of hours that day. It also comes with a tie belt that goes around the waistline to create some separation (not shown in this picture).

After the doll museum, we were famished, so we found a local restaurant in the small town which served the best and biggest “pulpo” octopus that I’ve ever experienced. By then, the weather had gotten chillier, so I put on my beige cardigan to pair with the patterned dress. Despite the coolness, I couldn’t resist (maybe it was Sesame’s influence) the award-winning Fragola ice-cream before heading back to the car. Overall, another excellent day.



Bump Goes On Vacation – Excursion Day in Tenerife

Bump age: 23 weeks

We decided to do “el must de” Tenerife – Loro Parque. Before we got there, I imagined it would resemble Ripley’s Aquarium back home, with a main focus on ocean creatures, but I discovered “loro” is the Spanish word for parrots. We were in for a whole new adventure!

Queen Mum floral tank dressI handpicked the floral print tank dress by Queen Mum because I thought the multi-colour print would go well with the greenery as well as the colourful animals we were about to see. The sleeveless design was also suitable for a hot day out. Of course, never knowing what the weather may turn into, I took a cardigan in solid beige in case it got chilly, which would  pair but not compete with the beautiful consistent print of the dress. Queen Mum is one of my favourite maternity brands, whether it’s their dresses, shorts, or pants. I find myself drawn to their fabric, cut and design, so my maternity wardrobe is filling up mostly with their label. This floral dress is made out of high quality fabric that has quite a bit of stretch, but isn’t too clingy or conforming on the body. The ruching on the side allows additional room for a growing bump, but also creates the signature B silhouette for all expecting mamas.  It feels as comfy and playful as it looks.

An hour and a half bus ride later, we set foot on the biggest park in Tenerife. The first thing I saw were black swans! I have only heard of these majestic creatures in fairy tales so it was as if I was seeing a unicorn in real life for the first time.  

There were so many beautiful and exotic animals in Loro Parque, but my favorite were the pink flamingos. We also got to view the orca show, the sealion show and the loro show. It was exciting to watch Squishy’s expression on seeing these animals for the very first time in her life. While we were passing through the orchid garden, I thought to myself that the backdrop matched my Queen Mum dress – the perfect photo-op location. You know it’s the money shot when shortly after I posted, it was regrammed by Queen Mum’s official account! That just made my already perfect day even better.



Bump Goes On Vacation – Tenerife, Spain – Day 1

Bump age: 22 weeks 6 days

Mr. Fantastic suggested we go to somewhere warm for this year’s spring break; but with the recent Zika virus pandemic, it took us a while to come up with a safe yet tropical destination. After much research, we landed on Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. With the island having year-round temperatures in the mid-20Cs and being subtropical, thus no Zika mosquitoes, it almost seemed too good to be true. The only downside is there were no direct flights from Toronto to Tenerife. So we decided to fly in and out thru London, UK and tag on a few days at the end to make it an extended vacation.

After 12 hours flight time (with nasty head winds) and overnighting in London, we finally arrived at Coste Adeje,Tenerife! The little one was a trooper. Being an experienced traveler and having Mr. Fantastic to help out during the flight made mommy’s trip much easier.

wendy blue print dress vacationDay 1 – I decided to wear a Carry knot dress as the blue really accentuated our tropical vacation, as well it seemed to match the beautiful ocean view from our balcony. Anyways, I felt very inspired by this dress. The material is soft, yet it does not hug the body and it drapes down nicely and flows with the breezy wind. The dark floral pattern on the waist simulates the effect of ruching for the belly, so my new-found waistline is cinched  and still looks svelte. The V-neck shows off just the right amount of cleavage without being too suggestive in a naughty way – gotta show ‘em girls off before they get too engorged by Mother Nature.

Also in this  picture, I’m wearing a hand-crafted straw hat from Lilliput Hats, a local millinery and one of my favourites in Toronto. This was literally a last-minute purchase, especially with this trip in mind. If you know me, you know I can’t go on any trip without a fantastic hat (or two)!

We tried local Spanish tapas for lunch, where we accidentally ordered full portions instead and ended up with bellies full of four delicious dishes. For dinner, we went to an authentic Italian pizzeria and shared one gigantic pizza and caprese salad between the three of us. Since the pizza was so authentic, I couldn’t resist ordering the tiramisu for dessert. Overindulging in dinner totally busted the sugar meter, even for a pregnant lady. I had to roll myself, Sesame and my food baby back to the hotel; luckily the blue Carry dress I chose was still very flattering!



Bump goes professional

Bump age: 21 weeks 6 days

Squishy was a Christmas baby, so last year when I attended the PDAC (Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada) conference,  I’d already regained my form and fit into my regular suits and business attire. This year, I’m sporting a 21-week-old bump, which is harder to conceal. So of course, fitting into my old business suits is harder than mission impossible. Luckily, Carry Maternity makes professional clothes on top of the cute, casual and chic. My Carry Maternity Blazer, which I’ve worn for several occasions, features two buttons that close above the bump allowing spacious belly room, and still appears slim and fit from the back. Here I’m wearing it with the matching Carry Maternity Dress Pants, which have a sewn-in panel for growing room. Carry’s work wear is where professionalism meets comfort. The in-house designers truly understand the pregnant form and how carrying around that extra bump requires effort without compromising the overall look.

IMG_0830In the picture, believe it or not, I am holding a pure gold bar that is significantly heavier than I imagined it to be! (I had difficulty lifting it past my bump with two hands and I regularly work out). Underneath my Carry blazer, I was wearing the Tees by Tina Lattice Tank Top in Ink colour. At first I was skeptical whether this piece would make my professional look seem too casual; but as soon as I paired it with the black suit, the pop of colour really accentuated my bump and the length was perfect.  The entire look is fresh, crisp, yet projects a professional feeling.

IMG_0979The next day, I wore my Carry Ruched Tube Dress. What I like about this maternity LBD is its versatility. Pair it with a denim jacket, you have a casual look; pair it with a black blazer (like I did), you have an office lady look; pair it with a statement necklace, flashy heels and small clutch, you are then seamlessly transitioning into a night out on the town.

Throughout the conference, I’ve received so many complements from my peers, without once feeling out of place, nor too casual for the event. Who said bump can’t go professional?




Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year dress

Bump age: 17 weeks 3 days

Happy Chinese New Year y’all! It’s officially Year of the Monkey. To start off the Lunar New Year right and ward off any evil spirits, most Chinese people opt to wear red during Chinese New Year’s Eve, and I was no exception.

Let’s talk fashion first. What I’m wearing – this ruched T-shirt dress from Isabella Oliver in wine colour (purchased here), form fitting and accentuates the body, shows off the bump. The side ruching allows extra space as the bump grows bigger throughout the term, and also hides any love handles from the baby weight gain. My favourite type of maternity dress – that’s what I call a win-win situation. The material is breathable and comfy, suitable for all-day wear, and can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s a must-have piece for versatile day to evening transition.

The tights I’m wearing are the Noppies 40 denier tights in black (purchased here). With tights, there’s always the million dollar question: do they really stay up? Noppies, in my opinion as a veteran preggo lady, makes the BEST tights and leggings that the maternity clothing industry has to offer, hands down! They not only stay up all day long, but they also don’t catch easily, which means longevity for your tights. They also make equally excellent tights in 15 denier (for summer) and 60 denier (for the cold Canadian winters) if you are looking for a pair to suit different climates. How Noppies maternity tights differ than regular tights is that they allow extra material where the bump lives, so Sesame doesn’t feel “squished” throughout the day (see packaging picture below). One key to selecting tights that don’t fall is to purchase the right size. Noppies comes in 2 sizes S/M and L/XL. As a petite woman I take the S/M, which fit like a glove. Now I think I must get the same ones in nude!

The pearl necklace is a wedding gift from my maid of honour; it was my “something old” since it’s vintage. It also comes with an equally gorgeous matching bracelet, which I shall debut here some other occasion. The clasp is a wing-shaped closure, encrusted with baguette diamonds. It’s exquisitely unique and I love that it has a story behind it before I took ownership.

The leather bracelet I’m wearing is from Mulburry with a gold twist lock hardware and my shoes are red Kitty flats by Charlotte Olympia, both in colours perfectly suited for this festive occasion. All to accompany the red envelopes and I’m ready for a prosperous Year of the Monkey!



5 MUST DO’s for exercise and pregnancy

Seems to be that most often you hear about the all things to avoid once you become pregnant. “Don’t do this, don’t do that”, but no one ever tells you what you CAN do during pregnancy when it comes to exercise. My personal opinion?; the information out there is so out-dated and doctors….well let me ask you, how “healthy and fit” does your doctor look?

Nuff said.

So let’s just start by saying that although most doctors are still very far behind with their information, we all do agree that it is now a risk factor to not exercise during pregnancy. This is not the time to hover, put your feet up and “protect” the baby. On the contrary, you are doing more harm than good as the most recent research shows that being sedentary will only increase your chances of developing gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and gaining too much weight, which is a another issue all it’s own.

Having said that, when do you know whether it’s too much or not enough? You can only be the best gauge of that but there are 5 MUST-DO’s when exercising during pregnancy to ensure the healthiest possible results.

1. If you are just starting to exercise and are newly pregnant, start slooooooww. No, pregnancy is not an illness and I will be the first one to yell it from the rooftops, BUT this is no time to sign yourself up for the first boot-camp you find without knowing what you are doing. Your body is going through A LOT during that first trimester (hence why you feel so “lovely”) so baby steps is your best bet.

2. If you are a seasoned exerciser, please please PLEASE continue doing what you are already used to and enjoy doing. If you are having a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy, there is no evidence to support that you should suddenly stop and do “gentle” exercise throughout. If you do, I guarantee you will feel like crap as you’re biting at the bit wondering why you stopped.

3. Make strength training part of your exercise routine! Well this is nothing new coming from me but I stand my ground in defence of building strong pregnant women everywhere! How else do you think you are going to be able to carry around another 25+ pounds without pain or injury?

4. Focus on relaxation and breathing techniques. Although with training clients in building strength, there is always a strong focus on breathing properly through a particular exercise. However, breathing for relaxation is also very important and where yoga and meditation compliment any exercise regime. You will need this type of training to guide you through a (hopefully) speedy labour and delivery.

5. Listen to your body! Believe it or not, there will be a time when you step into the gym and those 10 lb dumbells feel like 50 lbs. It’s amazing the amount of energy that pregnancy requires and it will eventually catch up to you. Don’t push yourself when this happens but don’t stop either! Just scale back your weights and/or repetitions and continue with your exercise routine.

When you’re exercising during pregnancy, the goal to maintain as much strength and cardiovascular training as you can. This is not the time to sign up for a marathon or jump out of a plane – have you ever read my previous post about extreme exercise during pregnancy?

The only “marathon” you’re training for is labour and delivery my friend, so train smart!

Guest blog courtesy of Samantha Montpetit-Huynh from Core Expectations.
Meet Samantha at Carry Maternity on June 4th and June 18th. See our Upcoming Events for more info.

Sam-Headshot-2A-edited copy

5 Tips for Rocking Your Maternity Photo Session


Photo credit: Toronto Maternity Photography by ÜmlaPhoto
Photo credit: Toronto Maternity Photography by ÜmlaPhoto

Guest post by Toronto Family photographer Adriana Villela of ÜmlaPhoto

Having photos taken can often seem so intimidating, especially when it comes to maternity photos. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, but many women are self-conscious about how they look, and are therefore very hesitant to have their photos taken during this special time in their lives.

Many moms-to-be are eager to book their maternity photos, but are still very nervous about the session itself. If you’re considering booking a maternity session, I’ve put together a few tips to help make your maternity session a wonderful experience, with images that you will treasure for years to come!

1. Decide on the Type of Session that You WantMaternity photos can be done in so many different ways.
Here are just a few different styles to choose from:

  • Traditional Posed Studio Photos – think studio lights and backdrops
  • Boudouir Bhotography – i.e. sexy photos
  • Themed Photography – e.g. storybook theme, ‘60s theme, medieval – anything goes
  • Lifestyle Photography – i.e. casual, candid, day-in-the-life. This is the type of photography that I do

2. Find the Right Photographer
Photography is an investment. Which means that just choosing the first photographer that pops up on a Google search or offers the lowest prices would be doing you and your memories a grave injustice. Get the names of a few photographers from friends, family, and local businesses that deal in maternity or baby products/services. And then check out their web sites. Call them. Make sure that you gel with the photographer that you choose, that you like their work, and that they do the type of photography that you’re looking for (see #1).

3. Just Roll With It
Relax! Seriously. This is a chance for you to have fun! Don’t worry about having to look at the camera and smile. It’s unnatural and doesn’t do you justice. The best photos you can get are when you are genuinely laughing or smiling. That goes for your partner too (if they choose to be in the photos). Remember that you, your partner, AND your child will cherish these images down the road, and your child will LOVE seeing how happy and relaxed you were in these photos!

4. Trust Your Photographer
Again, I repeat that photography is an investment, And if you’ve invested in a good, experienced photographer with whom you click, then TRUST IN THEM. They are professionals and have done this before. That doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to say, “Hey, I really wanted a photo of me with this blanket that my grandmother knitted for the baby.” A good photographer will accommodate that request. They will also help you relax and give you direction during your session, so that everything feels as natural as possible.

5. Dress for Success
If you’re doing boudoir or themed photos, the photographer will usually have a stylist and/or makeup artist on hand. If you’re going for studio or lifestyle photos, however, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind. Even if you’re going for a casual feel/look for your photos, you’re likely not going to show up to the session in yoga pants and flip-flops. I always tell my clients to dress up like they would dress for a casual Friday at the office – casual, but dressy. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Wear fun shoes
  • Wear fun and bright accessories
  • Choose clothes that define and flatter your belly

Just remember that the ideal time for booking your maternity session is when you are between 31 and 35 along, and to remember to schedule your sesison well in advance. So if you are 20 weeks pregnant, and want photos done at 32 weeks, book now, because chances are, if you wait too long to book, the photographer you want to use may be booked solid.

So go forth, and rock your maternity session. You deserve it!

Toronto maternity photaographer Adriana Villela of ÜmlaPhoto
Photo credit: PinkleToes Photography

Adriana Villela of ÜmlaPhoto specializes in custom boutique Toronto family photography, including maternity and newborns. Sessions are shot on-location and in natural light, to capture fun, genuine, and candid family moments, and turn them into lasting memories for years to come. Adriana a mother of a very feisty and creative 5-year-old, and a wife to a man who manages to be a bigger computer geek than she is. When she isn’t capturing the beauty of life through her lens, you can find her zipping along Toronto’s streets on her pink kick scooter, on family bike adventures, or hitting her favourite climbing gym with her family.