5 Tips for Rocking Your Maternity Photo Session


Photo credit: Toronto Maternity Photography by ÜmlaPhoto
Photo credit: Toronto Maternity Photography by ÜmlaPhoto

Guest post by Toronto Family photographer Adriana Villela of ÜmlaPhoto

Having photos taken can often seem so intimidating, especially when it comes to maternity photos. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, but many women are self-conscious about how they look, and are therefore very hesitant to have their photos taken during this special time in their lives.

Many moms-to-be are eager to book their maternity photos, but are still very nervous about the session itself. If you’re considering booking a maternity session, I’ve put together a few tips to help make your maternity session a wonderful experience, with images that you will treasure for years to come!

1. Decide on the Type of Session that You WantMaternity photos can be done in so many different ways.
Here are just a few different styles to choose from:

  • Traditional Posed Studio Photos – think studio lights and backdrops
  • Boudouir Bhotography – i.e. sexy photos
  • Themed Photography – e.g. storybook theme, ‘60s theme, medieval – anything goes
  • Lifestyle Photography – i.e. casual, candid, day-in-the-life. This is the type of photography that I do

2. Find the Right Photographer
Photography is an investment. Which means that just choosing the first photographer that pops up on a Google search or offers the lowest prices would be doing you and your memories a grave injustice. Get the names of a few photographers from friends, family, and local businesses that deal in maternity or baby products/services. And then check out their web sites. Call them. Make sure that you gel with the photographer that you choose, that you like their work, and that they do the type of photography that you’re looking for (see #1).

3. Just Roll With It
Relax! Seriously. This is a chance for you to have fun! Don’t worry about having to look at the camera and smile. It’s unnatural and doesn’t do you justice. The best photos you can get are when you are genuinely laughing or smiling. That goes for your partner too (if they choose to be in the photos). Remember that you, your partner, AND your child will cherish these images down the road, and your child will LOVE seeing how happy and relaxed you were in these photos!

4. Trust Your Photographer
Again, I repeat that photography is an investment, And if you’ve invested in a good, experienced photographer with whom you click, then TRUST IN THEM. They are professionals and have done this before. That doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to say, “Hey, I really wanted a photo of me with this blanket that my grandmother knitted for the baby.” A good photographer will accommodate that request. They will also help you relax and give you direction during your session, so that everything feels as natural as possible.

5. Dress for Success
If you’re doing boudoir or themed photos, the photographer will usually have a stylist and/or makeup artist on hand. If you’re going for studio or lifestyle photos, however, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind. Even if you’re going for a casual feel/look for your photos, you’re likely not going to show up to the session in yoga pants and flip-flops. I always tell my clients to dress up like they would dress for a casual Friday at the office – casual, but dressy. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Wear fun shoes
  • Wear fun and bright accessories
  • Choose clothes that define and flatter your belly

Just remember that the ideal time for booking your maternity session is when you are between 31 and 35 along, and to remember to schedule your sesison well in advance. So if you are 20 weeks pregnant, and want photos done at 32 weeks, book now, because chances are, if you wait too long to book, the photographer you want to use may be booked solid.

So go forth, and rock your maternity session. You deserve it!

Toronto maternity photaographer Adriana Villela of ÜmlaPhoto
Photo credit: PinkleToes Photography

Adriana Villela of ÜmlaPhoto specializes in custom boutique Toronto family photography, including maternity and newborns. Sessions are shot on-location and in natural light, to capture fun, genuine, and candid family moments, and turn them into lasting memories for years to come. Adriana a mother of a very feisty and creative 5-year-old, and a wife to a man who manages to be a bigger computer geek than she is. When she isn’t capturing the beauty of life through her lens, you can find her zipping along Toronto’s streets on her pink kick scooter, on family bike adventures, or hitting her favourite climbing gym with her family.