IMG_1766Bump age: 24 weeks 2 days

Happy Easter everyone! Traditionally, our family attends the annual Easter Brunch at the Ritz. This year, seeing as we just got back from spring break, I thought we would take it down a notch and check out the Boulevard Club’s Easter brunch instead. Not saying we did not dress up for the occasion; I decided on a maroon/burgundy theme to stand out from all the pastel colours one would expect for Easter. Here, I am wearing the Tees by Tina Lattice Dress in berry colour, with burgundy Mulberry boots, bonnet from The Saucy Milliner, and Gucci sunnies.

The Tees by Tina dress is a classic silhouette sleeveless. Like the majority of Tees by Tina pieces, this dress is designed to hug the figure and yet the pattern forgives all flaws. Although not a maternity piece by design, the stretchy fabric allows enough give without feeling too tight around the bump. No wonder all the Hollywood mama-to-be celebs have been are going gaga over this label.  The line comes in assorted playful bold colours, as well as your classic blacks and whites. What I like about this dress is not only its versatility for wear during and after pregnancy, but also its solid colour which makes it simple to style and pair with other layering pieces.

The luncheon selection was vast, with a carving station and a dessert table in addition to the main luncheon tables. Each table had the family’s surname in order to avoid confusion. Overall, I indulged in the carrot cake and probably the red velvet cake as well. But it was nothing short of Boulevard’s high standards, complete with attentive staff and circulating Easter Bunnies distributing chocolate eggs to the kids. Did I also mention that there was a petting zoo outdoors for kids and adults to enjoy as well? Squishy enjoyed petting touching the baa baas, as they enjoyed chasing her around. She was also definitely not shy in petting the bunnies, but became slightly wary of the horse and piglets. Easter came early this year in a chilly March, but we still managed to have a great lunch with family to celebrate. Thus concludes our happy Easter.    




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