Glow On Your Babymoon

Glow On Your Babymoon photo: @indrabogie
photo: @indrabogie

February – the depth of winter. The cold weather pushes many of us into vacation mode and this is why February is often called cruise season. It’s also the perfect time for a Babymoon!

Interestingly enough, the term Babymoon was originally coined by Sheila Kitzinger in her 1996 book The Year after Childbirth. She referred to it as family time with mom, dad and new baby. Now the concept has evolved and Babymoon is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.’’

There is a lot of advice on the web on how to plan your babymoon. The expertise that we can offer is how to dress while on vacation:

Signature Floral Wrap Dress - Carry
Sophia Floral Wrap Dress – Carry




The perfect date starts with a feminine dress. A floral wrap dress with vintage blooms is as radiant for a romantic dinner as it is for a walk on the beach.





Striped Maxi Tank Dress - Ripe Maternity
Striped Maxi Tank Dress – Ripe Maternity





The striped maxi – easy to wear with strappy heels or sandals, this resort favourite will take you from the poolside to dinner under the stars.






Chambray Cuffed Shirtdress - Jules & Jim
Chambray Cuffed Shirtdress – Jules & Jim





The denim tunic, paired with leggings and runners. An effortless look for strolling, whether you’re discovering the city or admiring the local scenery.






Whether you go to a exotic resort or choose to explore your hometown, cherishing these moments of heightened intimacy is an important part of your pregnancy. Take this as an opportunity to prepare for the next adventure that you are taking together. Go on your Babymoon and fall in love all over again!

Packing for Your Beach BabyMoon: 5 Tips for Jet Setting Without All the Baggage

Escaping the cold weather, snow and dark afternoons of winter is right on trend this time of year, and so is enjoying some time with your partner before 10 little fingers and 10 little toes change your lives forever.

When you are headed to a warm-weather destination for a beach babymoon, you want the simplicity of easy-breezy clothes that serve multiple purposes. And we’re here to help.

Here are our top tips for what to pack for your beach babymoon.

Always Pack Shoes First

Starting with your shoes first encourages you to think about what you will be doing on your vacation. How does your wardrobe need to perform? I say everyone needs to pack three pairs of shoes. You can’t really do it in less, and more makes you a slave to your luggage:

  • Pack the most fashionable walking shoe you have in your closet. This means you pair comfort, for those long trips into town or sightseeing, with something that has a bit more of a “look” than your dingy runners;
  • Because we are talking about a beach escape, also look for a shoe that can get wet. This is a shoe that is perfect for walking on the beach;
  • Pack something that can take you to dinner, something that you feel sexy in.

A Good Foundation: Pack Your Undies

Pack some good underpinnings. I recommend nude coloured silk seamless underwear that doesn’t create panty lines. Smooth camisoles are great layering pieces: if it is hot or cold, you can take off or add layers. Pack a black plus a light or fashion colour. This sounds so practical (my mother would be so proud), but you really need to make sense of how each piece will work.

Pack a Bathing Suit You Feel Confident In

How to Pack for a Babymoon by Carry Maternity-1
Invest in a good suit and a beautiful cover-up to go from beach to lunch.

Find a good maternity suit that accentuates your growing belly and gives you the coverage you want to hit the beach with confidence. Grab some colour, look for the support and coverage you need, but remember to pick one that makes you feel like a million bucks. Investing in a good maternity suit will help you to feel that confidence.

Don’t forget a cover-up. This will protect your sensitive belly skin, which is stretching thin with a growing baby and therefore highly exposed. Cover-ups are also great because they can help you dress up your suit for lunch. For example, a fashionable tankini looks great with a sarong.

Shown: Striped maxi skirt from Seraphine. Tankini from Indrid & Isabel.


How to Pack for a Babymoon by Carry Maternity - 2
A few comfortable dresses make for easy wear and light packing.

Some Easy Wear Dresses

A Tees by Tina dress is a highly fashionable way to look great and be comfortable even in the heat. The fabric is not only moisture wicking but figure flattering as well. This amazing clothing line, loved by celebrities, is one-size fits most and packs easily. The dresses look great with sandals or runners, so you can move from beach, to dinner, to sightseeing.

You might want to pack two Tees by Tina dresses along with a flowy floral dress. Why focus on dresses? Dresses are comfortable to wear when you are pregnant; in hot weather this can be key.

Shown: Lattice maxi dress from Tees by Tina. Floral knot dress from Carry Maternity. Maxi sundress from Seraphine.

Shorts and Capris

How to Pack for a Babymoon by Carry Maternity - 3
Pack shorts and capris to take your swimsuit around town.

Throw in a pair of shorts, and/or a pair of capris that take you from day to night and all around town. A pair of shorts over your bathing sit when heading for lunch makes for an easy outfit, and capris can be worn with a multi-functional shirt (acts as a bathing suit cover-up too).

Shown: Tank from Tees by Tina. T-shirt from Isabel Oliver. Khakis from Seraphine. Shorts (inquire in store).


There you have it! Five summer-y staples to take you from the cold of a Canadian winter to the warm sand of a beach destination. Not only will you be in love with the scenery, your partner and your growing belly, but you’ll be in love with the fit and feel of your clothes …. and the light ease of your suitcase as you haul it home. Enjoy your babymoon. Rest and be well.


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