Share the Warmth Coat Drive 2016


As I write this, it definitely does not feel like fall. But, before you know it, the chilly weather will become a daily routine. And if the meteorologists are on track, the fall chill is going to quickly give way to a very cold winter. Many of us are lucky and have a choice of coats to wear through the varying levels of cold a Canadian winter brings.

Some young mothers are not fortunate enough to have one coat, much less a choice of which one to wear. It has become an October tradition for us here at Carry Maternity to collect coats for the Swap Shop at Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Young Women. Jessie’s Centre provides much needed services to empower pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children. Attendance in their programs is high throughout most of the year, but it drops with cold temperatures. Young moms want to get to Jessie’s Centre but accessing services can be difficult without appropriate outerwear.

Our Share the Warmth coat drive will run through Sunday, November 14th. You can donate gently-used, clean women’s coats (both maternity and non-maternity) as well as coats for children under 5 years old. In addition to your coat donations, Carry Maternity will donate 5% of our fall coat sales to the Well Woman and Well Baby Clinic. We hope that our Share the Warmth campaign will support young women to access all the incredible programs that Jessie’s Centre offers.

As a thank you for your coat donation, we will give you $10 Baby Bonus credit, which you can use for anything you’ll need for delivery or after. And if you need to find a coat for yourself, our Fall Coat Sale is on until Sunday, October 30th. You’ll get 15% off beautiful and practical winter coats from MCoat, Modern Eternity, Seraphine and Noppies. We also carry coat panels from Make My Belly Fit and Bridge the Bump (coming soon).

With gratitude for your help,

Pat, Sarah, Kshama, Kavya and Kat
The Carry Maternity Team

How to Find The Perfect Bra During Pregnancy (And Why You Need One)

How to Pick the Right Bra - A blog post for expectant mothers by Carry Maternity

Undergarments are wardrobe staples and everyday essentials, and yet, are the clothing pieces most women pay very little attention to. We often find ourselves guilty of wearing underwear and bras that have been stretched past their natural life, and not the right fit for our bodies. Why? We may feel that investing money in good foundation pieces is a waste, as you can’t see them, or we may feel it is too hard to get the right fit anyway.

In this 2-part blog series, we want to talk about the importance of proper fitting undergarments for the expectant mother. A good fitting bra (which post 1 will find for you), and the right underwear for your wardrobe (post 2’s topic), will transform your confidence, comfortably hug your body  and compliment your silhouette for the best looks in maternity fashion. Let’s begin.

An Expectant Mother’s Guide to the Perfect Bra:

Subtle, or sometimes dramatic, changes happen to the body during the first trimester. The breasts begin to swell and a pre-pregnancy bra can become uncomfortable, too small and unflattering. When women first come in to shop for their expectant frame, one of the first things we want to check is if their bra is properly fitting. An ill-fitting bra can make you look heavier, and make you feel heavier, because your bust is sitting too low. It can also exacerbate already sore breasts.

How to shop for the perfect pregnancy bra

Unless you are experienced with bra-fitting, it can be very easy to get it wrong. Here are some things to consider when evaluating whether a bra (new or the one you currently have) is right for you,

  • Is the band of your bra level or horizontal to the ground?

The band should not ride up the back. It should also not be too large for your ribcage.

A band that is too big, and that rides up the back will cause the breasts to sag.

  • Are the shoulder straps too loose and can easily fall or be pushed off your shoulders?

Adjust the straps until your bust point sits midway between your shoulder and elbow.

  • Has your current bra reached the end of its life span? Is the elastic frayed, broken or poor in elasticity?

The average lifespan of a bra is one year.

  • Is the cup the right shape and size for your body?

Your bust should not bulge over the top of the cup.

There should be enough side coverage so your breast does not spill out.

With a moulded cup, there should be no empty space, especially at the breast point.

  • Does the bra leave marks on the body?

A well-fitted bra will not leave indentation marks on the skin. This is a sign that the bra (back or shoulder strap) is ill-fitting.

You will find that different brands and styles will offer a different fit. Which bra is right for you will only be determined by trying on a variety of styles, and it can be very helpful to work with a style expert who knows how to properly fit a bra (a service we can certainly provide). A last check of whether the bra is right for you always involves throwing a fitted tee over top to see how the bra looks.

Whether your clothing fits well, and compliments your frame, will depend on your undergarments. Take care and spend a little extra time on finding a bra that makes you look and feel great. Dressing well really does start from the inside out.

You might find this video from Cake helpful.
Stay tuned for our next post when we discuss the right underwear for pregnancy.

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