• How To: Carrying In Style

    Pregnancy is a beautiful time for women.  At Carry Maternity, we understand that as wonderful pregnancy might be, one of the biggest challenges during pregnancy is figuring out what to wear. This is why we’ve decided to take that weight off your shoulders and ensure all of our ladies know they’re Carrying In Style! We
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  • Kate Middleton Dress

    Take a closer look at the orchid Séraphine maternity dress worn by the one and only Duchess of Cambridge with Pat & Sarah of Carry Maternity. For more info visit carrymaternity.ca

  • Clothes Worth Getting Pregnant For

    Pat’s concept of Carry Maternity is to create a place where women can feel welcomed and at home. It’s her hope, she says, that the store will continue to be a social hub for women and mothers, whether they’re looking for jeans that work for their changing figures, or just a place to quickly pop
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  • Carry Maternity is Made in Canada

    Stitched into each piece of Carry Maternity’s house line is small reminder of its origin, something that owner and designer Pat Gillespie views with quiet satisfaction. They may not stand out, but tiny ‘Made in Canada’ tags set the shop’s signature items in stark contrast to the myriad brands whose offshore practices are so controversial. As fast fashion
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  • Getting to Know Yorkville’s Carry Maternity

    It takes a village to raise a child, and in an age when so many connections are forged digitally, Carry Maternity’s Pat Gillespie wants to bring back the personal touch that old adage suggests. Located amid the bustle of one of Toronto’s most renowned neighbourhoods, Carry’s Yorkville location is a haven for expecting women and
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