10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts For The Expecting Or New Mom In Your Life

For 2020, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10th - and it will certainly be new territory for this holiday. Although we are now practicing physical distancing, there are many ways to celebrate the mom-to-be or new mom in your life and give a thoughtful gift.

To help you out, we've rounded up a gift guide of thoughtful and practical gifts that will show this mama that you care and appreciate them!

Natural Skincare 

While her skin is stretching and growing, it’s important to give the skin lots of love with oil and cream to avoid itchy dryness, thus allowing the skin to stretch with comfort, minimizing tearing/stretch marks. Going with all-natural products is a great way to be conscious of everything you put into and on your body. Enter K’Pure Naturals, the Canadian-made and incredibly affordable all-natural skincare. An oil and cream combo is optimal for hydration. 

We recommend pairing the Sweet Mama Body Oil and Drenched Body Butter for best results. She can use the Patchouli/Orange scented body oil for that deep-moisturizing need, and layer with Drenched or her favourite moisturizer to really lock it in. 

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A Fresh Spring Dress

Let’s face it - once summer hits, a dress is THE go-to for an expecting mom. Once hormones hit - or her belly is less pant-friendly - an airy maternity dress will be her staple wardrobe piece. Opt for options that feel like you aren’t wearing anything - trust us - she will thank you!

Remember that maternity clothing has mama’s changing shape in mind, so start with her pre-pregnancy size. Still not sure? Call us and we will help you!

10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts For The Expecting Or New Mom In Your Life | Shop Fresh Spring Dresses | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

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A Comfy Maternity & Nursing Bra

During her pregnancy journey, she can never have too many bras. Because change is happening both in cup size and in her ribcage, opt for flexible and supportive bras. Thankfully, Bravado and Anita have a line of flexible maternity and nursing bras that are sized S, M , L, so it takes a lot of the guesswork out of sizing! 

Go for comfort with the nighttime favourite Ballet bra by Bravado Designs, or for more support, opt for the easy fitting Silk Seamless Bra - now available in a variety of warm neutral tones.

Shop Maternity & Nursing Bras | Mother's Day 2020 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

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Something For Baby

Picking out something cute for baby always brings excitement and anticipation for her new bundle of joy, and you can’t go wrong with a sleeper or t-shirt + bottom combo. Imps and Elfs has the perfect selection for a summer baby, with a picnic theme! The bumblebees are a staff favourite. 

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Waistband Blues Be Gone!

Super soft pants are a staple for any pregnant woman, and while she may be tempted to squeeze into her old jeans, maternity pants will be her new best friend. Don’t let her stretch out her favourite leggings, gift her the Queen Mum Leggings and they'll do all the work for her. If she's all about practical comforts, the Once On Never Off Pants by Boob Design are a must-have thanks to their easy pockets and soft cotton fabrication. 

Shop Maternity Bottoms and Leggings | Mother's Day 2020 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

Reusable Face Masks 

In our current climate, having a few washable fabric face masks is essential. Making sure the new mother or mother-to-be has access to safety measures will definitely make her feel supported and considered. She can slip a few into her delivery bag and use them for appointments. Plus, all the proceeds are being donated to Women’s College Hospital’s Women’s Mental Health Program. 

Shop Reusable Fabric Face Masks | Mother's Day 2020 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

Read more about Our Response to COVID-19 here.

A Nursing-Friendly Piece 

If this is mama's first delivery, she hasn’t encountered nursing yet. And although each nursing journey is different, easy access to her breasts will make her experience a LOT easier! The last thing she needs is to be wrestling with her dress while baby is crying. Nursing tops and dresses are designed to take her through each trimester, and can be worn after she delivers. Talk about a forever style!

Shop Nursing Friendly Tops and Dresses | Mother's Day 2020 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

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New Set of Sleepwear 

Fresh pyjamas are almost as important as a fresh set of sheets. Remove the constricting waistband in her life with a nightgown or a two-piece set that features a soft panel for her changing body. Our pyjamas also feature nursing access points, perfect for those early (and long) nights.

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A Carry Maternity Gift Card

One thing that all mom’s have in common is that they always put others needs ahead of their own.

Ensure that she puts herself first on this special day with a Carry Maternity gift card. Our gift cards can be purchased and/or redeemed online or in-store. 

An Off Duty Romper

Our Smash + Tess rompers are a best seller for a reason. Soft, comfy, and thanks to it’s drop crotch and stretchy fabric, they're perfect for an expecting mom. She will love the all-in-one outfit; gift this piece if you are looking for some brownie points!

Designed in Canada, these rompers are a wonderful way to support a small Canadian business. 

Shop Smash + Tess Rompers | Mother's Day 2020 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

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So there you have it - our Top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas for both expecting or new moms in your life. No matter what avenue you go down this Mother's Day, what's most important is that you're thinking of her.

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