Bra Education by Stage for Pregnancy & Nursing

Bra Education

One day it happens: your favourite bras just don’t fit your changing shape. The wonderful contours of your pregnant body make it obvious that some changes need to happen in your lingerie drawer. Don’t fret, we are here to help. We offer complimentary bra education & fittings in store. We recommend coming in as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable in your current bras.

During this time of change, it is tempting to switch to your old worn out sports bra in search of comfort. Instead, invest in nursing friendly bras to get the most out of your purchases. At Carry, we offer a variety of maternity bras that will take you through pregnancy & nursing.

Below is a breakdown of our bra offerings by stage and style.

Stage 1:

You recently found out you are pregnant and your breasts are sore and starting to grow. Your favourite bras may feel tight and not be as comfortable as they once were. We recommend coming in for a fitting to ensure that you are wearing the right size to support your new shape.

A favourite transitional bra for this stage is the Buttercup bra from Bravado. The petal-soft stretch fabric and wireless foam cups accommodate for your changing size while offering a flattering silhouette for under fitted dresses and tees. The Anita Fleur bra features soft edges with a beautiful lace design that looks great under any outfit.

Anita Fleur Bra | Bravado Buttercup

Stage 2:

You are in your second trimester and your bust has slowed down in growth but your bra band is left feeling snug due to your expanding rib cage. During this stage a comfortable sleep bra is essential. The Ballet Maternity & Nursing bra & The Original Soft Band Bra combine the ultimate in softness and comfort making them both an ideal bra for a good night’s sleep.

Stage 3:

You are nearing the end of your third trimester and starting to prepare for delivery and nursing. A fitting at this stage will ensure that you are comfortable and properly supported for when your milk comes in. The Silk Seamless Nursing Bra & Invisible Nursing Bra are both staff favourites that offer ample support.
Washable nursing pads are a good add-on during this stage to get you ready for breastfeeding.


Bravado Invisible Nursing Bra | Silk Seamless Bra

Stage 4:

Depending on how long you decide to or are able to nurse, your milk flow has settled and you and baby have now established a comfortable routine. At this stage, you can start thinking about long term options such as the Belle Underwire Nursing bra and the Yoga Silk Seamless Sports Bra.

Bravado Belle Underwire Nursing Bra | Yoga Silk Seamless Bra

We also offer beautifully designed nursing bras and sleepwear from Mayana Geneviere - also a Canadian designer - that add an extra feminine touch with their luxe, lace designs.

Mayana Genviere Camille Nightie | Nikki Bralette

View our full lingerie & sleepwear collection.

Carry is a full-service boutique and our staff is here to guide you every step of the way. Take a well deserved moment to relax, while we assist you in finding the perfect fit. Let us take the time to help you enjoy your pregnancy and nursing journey, by ensuring you look and feel your best.

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