Clothing SOS: Why you should line dry your clothes

We believe that quality clothing should last in your closet wear after wear, wash after wash. The most important part of ensuring the lifespan of your clothes is to take proper care of them. Our philosophy is that the dryer is for sheets, towels, socks, and other things that will handle the harsh conditions of a dryer. There are so many reasons you should avoid putting your clothing in the dryer, and we have rounded up the top 7 benefits of line drying your clothes!

  1. Saves money - It’s kind to your energy bill!

  2. Earth-friendly - The less electronics we run, the better your ecological footprint.

  3. Enhances freshness - Fresh air is a proven cleaner, hanging clothing outside will help it have that brand new smell. 

  4. Better for your clothes - The dryer is very harsh on clothing, the heat can break down the fibers and shorten the overall lifespan of your clothes. They will retain a better shape when hung or laid flat to dry.

  5. Naturally whitens - The sun has natural bleaching agents that will help restore your whites.

  6. Good for your mental health - Doing physical and methodical movement is proven to boost your mood. 

  7. Can be accomplished indoors or outdoors - Whether you have a line outdoors or a drying rack, clothing can be dried inside or outside.

We all love convenient ways to get things done, but by making hang drying a part of your normal routine, you'll be surprised how great the results are! What are your thoughts? Do you throw everything in the dryer or do you hang your clothes? Let us know in the comments below.


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