Giving Love - A Holiday Gift Guide

We believe in giving with purpose. Our Holiday Gift Guide shares ideas of how to give warmth, bring comfort, and how to help someone care for themselves

At Carry Maternity, we love supporting moms with information. We often see that receiving encouraging advice is one of the greatest forms of comfort. 

We’ve rounded up a few tips on how you can practice giving this holiday season:

Giving to the Pregnant Woman in Your Life

Supporting the woman in your life during her pregnancy means helping her enjoy this special time despite her worries and doubts. Give her warmth with a cozy sweater that will take her through her pregnancy and nursing journey.

The simple things can mean a lot - remember that it doesn’t have to be big to be meaningful, a bath soak and a body butter can go a long way, especially in our dry winter weather. 

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Giving to the Nursing Mom in Your Life

Every woman’s experience of motherhood is different, and the best way to support the new mom in your life is by respecting that. Share words of encouragement without words of measure attached to them. 

The holiday season is a busy one, especially for a new mom. Bring her comfort with a new nursing bra, something every new mom could use! The Ballet Nursing Bra by Bravado is ultra-soft and supremely comfortable. They’re also easy to gift as they come sized flexibly in small, medium and large. 

Clothing with easy nursing access takes away the barrier between a mom and feeding her baby, wherever she is. The Kitty Nursing Sweater by Seraphine works with her changing lifestyle to offer ease while on the go.

Bring Her Comfort Holiday Gift Guide 2019 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada

Giving to Yourself

It’s a typical holiday shopping experience to be out looking for gifts and stumble upon exactly what you’ve been looking for for yourself. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself. This is a time of your life where you need to support you.

In pregnancy, it’s easy to spend every moment preparing in every way you can think of: buying everything you might need, reading every book and listening to every podcast. Take the holiday season to remind yourself it’s okay to take a moment just for you. Don’t feel like you need permission to practice self care.

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Giving to a Mom Beyond Your Circle

It’s the time of year for giving and shelters are in need of toiletries, coats, mittens and hats for women and kids. Open up your drawers and closets and drop off  pre-loved items at a women’s shelter or centre in your city. Jessie’s Centre in Toronto - a long-term partner of Carry Maternity is currently looking for toiletries.

Collect pantry items from your home and the homes of those close to you and bring them to a food drive. You may not know these families personally, but there’s nothing like the warmth you will feel knowing that you helped others enjoy the holidays with their little ones. 

View the Maternity & Nursing Holiday Gift Guide 2019 | Carry Maternity | Toronto Canada for stylish & affordable gift ideas for her

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