Valentine’s Day: The Language of Love

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that encompasses all kinds of love. Love comes in limitless forms. This one word encapsulates the care between family members, the attraction between spouses, the compassion for your child. 

What is your love language? 

How do you show love and how do you want to be shown love? Pregnancy is a time of deep connection between partners, but you can quickly lose yourself and your relationship in the demands of parenting. 

The best advice I received during my first pregnancy was from my doctor. She told me the importance of taking care of our marriage first; for my own happiness, and that of my spouse and children. Tell your partner which love language speaks most deeply to you. Discovering what makes your partner feel cared for is the best way to keep love alive in a relationship while taking on so much change together. 

My first pregnancy was like falling in love all over again, and this time it was with someone who we had yet to meet.  I cherish it as one of the best times of our relationship. We connected so strongly around my pregnancy and waited with anticipation for our first child to join us.

Once Graham was born we entered the whirlwind that is early parenthood. It’s easy to forget your own needs and those of your partner. Acts of service speak volumes to me. My husband knows I have a low tolerance to bad smells so he changed every poopy diaper that he was around for. I do the clothing shopping for our family, a task he doesn’t have any interest in. These loving acts still happen to this day. Unspoken “I love you’s” come in the form of a full gas tank and a home-cooked meal. 


Each expression of love is important and displays love in its own way. Learning your partner’s and your own primary love language creates a stronger bond in your relationship and creates a foundation for early parenting.

With Love, Pat

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