Virtual Baby Shower: 6 Tips to Host Your Own Baby Shower From Home

Marking the stages of your pregnancy with celebration connects your family and friends with this important shift in your life. COVID-19 can make this difficult, as we all have to participate in safe social distancing, but it's crucial we still make time for ourselves and stay positive. Having a virtual baby shower is a great way to include family and friends when we are all struggling to socialize in a safe way.

At Carry, we get tons of requests for baby shower dresses, and though we are now staying home, getting together virtually with loved ones near and far will help them feel like a part of this big moment in your life.

So here are 6 tips to host (and enjoy!) your own virtual baby shower from home:

Send the Invite

Though most baby showers are hosted by your friends or family, you may find the need to help host your own if the host is not tech-savvy. Giving a little help to pull things together may be unusual, but these are truly unique times. Send a virtual invite to your friends and family to set the date & time for your call (use video-call programs like Zoom or Skype).

Go all out and design a virtual invitation, it’s a fun way to get creative at home and have something to look forward to! Invite them to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. At this point, most people are looking for a reason to get out of sweats and into something special.

Set the Scene

Grab some flowers on your next visit to the grocery or convenience store, or from your local florist and set them in your frame. Something fresh in the room adds to your celebration of new life. Gather ribbon, balloons, streamers, and any other decorations you have for your online backdrop, and remember that you only have to decorate where your guests can see.

To create the most flattering lighting be sure to position your screen so you are facing natural light if possible. 

Dress the Part

Putting on a dress or blouse (the top half is most important!) can make you feel special for this day in your honour. Go for an airy spring dress to keep you comfortable and confident, florals or pastels are great baby shower outfit choices. Your quarantine partner can dress up too! 


If you’re doing gifts from a distance, share your wishlists from your favourite online stores or local retailers that deliver. Then on the day of the shower (if you wish), you can open your gifts and share them with your attendees. If your guests have gifts with them, they can open it for you on camera as well!

Games from Afar

Baby Photo Match - Ask each guest to email you a photo of themself as a baby. Collect the pictures into one email along with a list of names for reference and send it to all of the guests. The guests match the baby pictures with each guest's name, and the person who responds with the most correct answers is the winner. If the guests aren't familiar with each other, you can use celebrity baby photos instead.

Guess the Jelly Beans - Fill a jar with candy, beans, or any other small items you have a lot of, and have everyone guess how many! 

Baby Mad Libs - Print off fun baby shower mad libs from the internet or create your own. Take turns giving verbs and nouns and once completed read the story out! 

For more virtual baby shower ideas, check out the Carry Pinterest Board here.

Capture the Moment

Take a screenshot during the party to keep the memory for years to come. Nothing beats quality time with your loved ones. Now is a great time to also have an impromptu photo shoot with your backdrop!

Send a Thank You!

In the same vein as the invite, follow tradition and send a virtual thank you note. Your guests will appreciate the sentiment and you’ll have fun while doing it.

This may not be the baby shower you were expecting, but you can make it your own and still enjoy the company of your loved ones. It will likely end up being a story you tell your child for years to come. Remember that at the end of the day, this celebration is for you, so if you can’t accomplish every step, just stick to the ones that are meaningful to you.

We’re all in this together.

Xoxo, Carry

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