What to Pack for a Babymoon: Style Tips + A List of Essentials

Getting away during your pregnancy will allow you to have a moment to relax before your baby joins you. The tradition of a getaway while pregnant can take many forms: a romantic trip for two, a relaxed staycation, a visit to somewhere warm, or heading to a city you always thought about touring. Whatever you decide to do, a Babymoon is a chance to relax and enjoy before embarking on your new chapter in life. It’s a time to slow down and take a breath, to really enjoy your pregnancy and all that is yet to come.

To help take some of the load off your shoulders, we've devised this list of Essentials + Style Tips for everything you need to bring on your Babymoon.

What to Pack For a Beachy Babymoon

Go classic with this Babymoon destination - think warm & inviting sands, scenic waters, and fun resorts. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a jam-packed agenda; make note of a few activities or services the resort has to offer, and let the rest follow. After all, you’re taking this time to focus on you and your loved one.

Though you’re going away, there’s no need to over-complicate packing for this trip. Keep it simple with comfortable dresses that are easy to pull on and look great. Add your favourite pair of sandals to your suitcase and a maternity swimsuit (or three), and you’ll be good to go.

What to Pack For a Beachy Babymoon -  Style Tips + A List of Essentials | Carry Maternity | The Carry Blog | Toronto Canada

    1. The outfit you don’t need to pack: a great airplane outfit is comfortable and can be reworn during the trip. The Smash + Tess collection features easy & versatile rompers that are perfect for mamas on the go.

      2. The dress for everything: the Rachel Tie Dye Maternity Tube Dress by Carry is designed in-house, has those summer-vibes and is easy to toss over a swimsuit or wear as is.

        3. The date night dress: the Fleur Maternity Button Back Dress is a flowy Ripe Maternity number, and just the right amount of effortlessness you'll need for those dinners along the water.

        What to Pack for a Babymoon -  Style Tips + A List of Essentials  Carry Maternity  The Carry Blog  Toronto Canada

          4. The warm weather necessity: you may as well have all the gorgeous maternity swimsuits you could possibly need for your trip to a tropical climate. Seraphine and Pez D’Or have some great numbers made to lounge in the sun.

            5. The comfiest golden sandals: slides are a must on vacation, and the Abata Sandals by Cartel are a favourite. They look great while the cut-outs put less pressure on the widest part of your foot.

            6. The cover-up you won’t want to cover up: these swimsuit coverups by Pitusa are perfect for a walk to the beach and can easily be worn to lunch without having to stop by your room to change.

              What to Pack for a Babymoon -  Style Tips + A List of Essentials | Carry Maternity | The Carry Blog | Toronto Canada

                What to Pack For a Babymoon Staycation 

                One of the best ways to enjoy a babymoon is close to home. A Babymoon Staycation takes away the hassle of tons of packing & a hefty agenda - perfect for a last-minute ‘getaway’, alone or with a significant other. 

                Book yourself a stay at a hotel in your city to give yourself the space to get ready for your next adventure. Use this time to take advantage of the perks offered by your hotel & own city and indulge yourself! Enjoy a great meal (or a few), read, nap, & treat your senses to a luxurious spa treatment. Spending uninterrupted time with a loved one is the perfect little anecdote to the end of your pregnancy journey, and a great way to prepare for the next adventure. Rest and relaxation is the name of this babymoon game.

                These next 4 Babymoon Staycation Styles are everything you’ll need to look & feel the part:

                What to Pack for a Babymoon -  Style Tips + A List of Essentials | Carry Maternity | The Carry Blog | Toronto Canada

                1. The city outing outfit: it’s easy to forget that some of the best spots are close to our usual stomping grounds. Wearing the lightweight Ariane Maternity & Nursing Sweater by Noppies will ensure you’re ready for anything as you take the day to explore new areas (or old favourites) in the city. Pair with maternity leggings & jeans alike.

                2. The dinner number: the flattering Preston Maternity Jumpsuit designed in-house is perfect for your night out on the town as it can be worn with ankle booties or flats, and will have you looking cozy chic all night.

                3. The pajamas you always needed: great loungewear is a necessity of the successful Babymoon Staycation. Try this super soft maternity & nursing Jaya Nightie by Seraphine to enjoy that cozy time inside.

                4. Bring the beach to you: enjoy the hotel pool no matter your climate! Come prepared with a great maternity swimsuit like the Maui Swimsuit by Pez D'Or to take advantage of all your city has to offer.

                Regardless of where you’re headed, don’t forget to hydrate & nourish your skin with these effortless pregnancy must-haves: 

                What to Pack for a Babymoon -  Style Tips + A List of Essentials | Carry Maternity | The Carry Blog | Toronto Canada

                1. The Smell Protector: make sure you’re feeling fresh by bringing along a natural deodorant such as the Get Gently Closer by K’pure. Travel-friendly size is perfect to slip into your suitcase, or handbag for a quick refresher throughout the day.

                2. Bump-Friendly Moisturizer: moisture is key while pregnant, and keeping your skin hydrated allows your skin to stretch comfortably. Working a belly butter, such as this one by Matraea, into your daily routine will keep you comfortable all vacation long. All-natural ingredients make this body butter extra friendly for bump, hips, & bust.

                3. Awakening Serum: it’s easy to let the day get away from you when you’re taking it easy. The Eyes-Up Caffeinated Serum by K’pure gives you a little boost of energy, while treating dark & puffy circles beneath your eyes.

                4. Lightweight Face Wash: keep it simple with either Washed Up or Sleepy Time. Both foaming face washes by K’pure are filled with uncomplicated & natural ingredients, and also come in a carry-on friendly travel size option!

                Let us know in the comments what clothing and/or skincare items are an absolute must-have for you when traveling while pregnant.

                Shop our Resort Collection to get more Babymoon styling inspiration!

                What to Pack for a Babymoon -  Style Tips + A List of Essentials | Carry Maternity | The Carry Blog | Toronto Canada

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