The Original Unbelt

 Threading The Original Unbelt through your belt loops is a little bittersweet.

On one hand, you experience a kind of fit you never knew existed - finally! On the other hand, you realize you'll never again have buckle bulk under your t-shirts, that gap at the back of your jeans, or the laundry day fuss of unthreading it from your belt loops.

Wait. That's just sweet. 

  • Flexible, adjustable stretch band
  • 1/8"-thick all-metal buckle
  • Washable in your belt loops

Guaranteed to last... and to become totally indispensable. 

Closes waistband gap

Because you should be the one to decide when you show your undies.

Machine washable in belt loops

Hurrah - no more belt unthreading on laundry day! Unbelts live with your jeans

Loves hips from 0-24X

Outrageously comfortable and built to hug, not pinch. Consider your top unmuffined.

Invisible under tees

Our all-metal buckle is only 1/8" thick. Buh-bye, bulk. *hair flick*.

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