Organic Soothing Nipple Fix

The organic Soothing Nipple Fix Balm by Matraea is made with soothing Calendula and nourishing Shea Butter.

Whether you're looking for some relief for yourself, or for a loved one, this nipple balm is the perfect addition to any custom care package!

This balm will comfort and protect cracked, sore nipples.

Formulated by midwives, this lanolin-free, soothing nipple fix balm is safe for baby.

No need to wash it off before nursing.


More About Matraea...

The Matraea brand stands for a profound commitment to safe, powerful, beautiful birthing; where honouring women in pregnancy and birth includes education, informed choice and advocacy.

Built on the principles of their midwifery practice, Registered Midwives Kate Koyote and Selina Boily know that, “Birth is the foundation of all relationships, and it is where the difference we make in the world begins.”

When we are supported in bringing our babies into the world with dignity and grace–by reclaiming the How, Where and When of birth–our instincts to mother are intact.

Our concept of “Fierce Dignity”- the name of our blog - expresses that instinct, primal and unbending–our commitment as mothers to nurture and protect our children for our entire lives.

Matraea's gentle, natural products are designed to pamper and support you and your baby.

Each premium product is locally hand-crafted in beautiful British Columbia.

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