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Pregnancy is a beautiful time for women.  At Carry Maternity, we understand that as wonderful pregnancy might be, one of the biggest challenges during pregnancy is figuring out what to wear.

This is why we’ve decided to take that weight off your shoulders and ensure all of our ladies know they’re Carrying In Style!

We recently had the pleasure of helping Kristin from The Delilah Blog figure out her maternity wardrobe. Carry Maternity owner and designer, Pat Gillespie, held one on one styling sessions with Kristin focused on how to keep her personal style while growing her bump.

They covered everything from how to fit her changing body, to styles currently on-trend that fit Kristin’s own tastes and lifestyle.

Follow our Personal Styling Session guide below and be sure to check out Kristin’s blog post about her experience! 


What is a wardrobing session you may ask?

We offer a personal one on one wardrobing session to all of our clients. Think of it as Pregnancy Wardrobe 101.

We begin by determining your personal and lifestyle needs, your fashion sense and what you will need to look and feel beautiful during this exciting time of your life. We focus on educating our customers to give them the tools needed to dress well and feel confident.

The mistake that many women make when shopping for maternity fashion is thinking that a maternity-wardrobe-in-a-box; with the same five pieces for everyone, actually works. This is just not realistic for the many ways a modern woman lives. That’s why finding the right maternity wardrobe for YOU is so important.


Getting to know YOU

At Carry Maternity, we like to get to know our customers so we understand their lifestyle, fashion style and personality. Then, we customize a wardrobe, making every piece count. Fewer, good quality garments that are curated into a wardrobe, selected for you, will embrace your body’s changes without sacrificing your own unique style.


Next Step: Getting into the fitting room

Buying maternity clothing is a different experience than shopping for regular clothes. Instead of just updating your present wardrobe with a few on-trend pieces, you’re building a wardrobe from the ground up. Also, as happy as you are about your pregnancy, the changes in your body can throw you for a bit of a loop. It’s important to go into the session with an open mind. What looks appealing on the hanger may not complement your body and vice versa. Don’t shop the hanger, shop your body.

This is where a personal wardrobing session pays off. It can be intimidating and discouraging to try on garments that may not suit you – and exhausting too. We select the garments based on your body type, lifestyle and personality. This cuts down on how many pieces you need to try on before making your selections.

We ensure that the fit is right and most importantly, that you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes. It really is a collaboration.


Well-designed maternity clothing will fit your body well in ways that are not obvious on the hanger. Being open to trying on different shapes before making any judgement will pay off. A good fit will highlight your best features and help create overall balance in your proportions.


To finish off the session, we carefully revisit our selected styles and build outfits that will work for you. Suggestions for accessories and shoes will help you make your wardrobe multifunctional and in making those final decisions.

The Delilah Blog - Celine Carry Dress

Kristin from The Delilah Blog in the Carry Exclusive Celine Dress

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Take pride in knowing that you’re Carrying In Style!

Pat Gillespie started Carry Maternity with the mission of educating women on how to look and feel beautiful as well as confident in their new body. We understand your body even when you don’t. Having styled and designed for celebrities such as Vanna White, Michelle Dube, fashion bloggers and the everyday woman, we’re experienced in creating wardrobes. Our inspiration is gathered from seasonal runway trends and our customers; your feedback is what drives us to continue to design the way that we do.

Our mission is to help every woman who walks through our doors feel beautiful and confident in their new body, eliminating any problems about what to wear and how to dress.

We’d love to see you.

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