Nursing Fashion has come a long way, especially in the past few years. Now you can choose from pieces that can be worn both during pregnancy and after, as well as items that will live in your forever closet. Smart designers have found new ways to discreetly add nursing functionality to their styles, without screaming that they are for nursing. Features such as zippers, buttons, panels and wraps will make even your co-workers swoon over these new pieces that you can sport, both during pregnancy and post-pregnancy for nursing.

Now- let’s get into how they will make your life easier and why you will LOVE them!



When it comes to panels, the fabulous nursing brand Boob does it best. Boob designs their nursing and maternity styles with a clever built-in nursing panel for easy access and functionality for the busy, on-the-go mom. Boob is known for their smart dressing essentials that can be combined with both pre-pregnancy closet favourites and new maternity or nursing styles. Boob base layers are designed to last, thanks to flexible fit and smart functionality that will come in handy all the way through pregnancy and nursing.


Classic Nursing Tank Top - Boob DesignMini Stripe Nursing Tube Tee - Ripe MaternityGrey Striped Short Sleeves Nursing Nightie - Boob Design

Wrap Tops & Dresses

Designed for all body shapes, our Carry wrap tops and dresses will last you through your pregnancy and nursing journey. Designed to fit attractively around the bust, our wrap designs create a universally flattering v-neck for both nursing convenience and pregnancy practicality.  Our wrap designs also flatter your bump during pregnancy and allow convenient access while nursing. They will also fit gracefully into your post-maternity wardrobe.  Carry dresses and wrap tops are available in new patterns and designs every season.

Black Floral Flutter Sleeve Wrap Dress - CarryBlaire Jet Black Maternity & Nursing Faux Wrap Dress - CarryAspen Sky Blue Knit Maternity & Nursing Wrap Top – Carry

Buttons & Zippers

Buttons and zippers are popular design details used in nursing fashion, as they are both discreet and fashion forward. You will see designs from brands such as Jules & Jim, Ripe and Seraphine featuring hardware in their nursing styles. There are different ways that both are used in nursing fashion. Button options can range from front button up plackets, to openings on shoulders and even side clasps on sweaters. Zippers can also add fresh details to your nursing wardrobe. Primarily, zippers are placed on the shoulders to enable the fabric to be discreetly lowered down for nursing. You will also find designs with side zippers, allowing you to lift your sweater or blouse from the side, while also keeping baby warm and sheltered from view. Whether you have a casual, down-to-earth style, or one that requires some dressing up, we can help you find something to suit your individual fashion needs.

Grey Side Zip Detail Hoodie - Ripe MaternityCosima Grey Layered 2 in 1 Maternity & Nursing Tunic - SeraphineFern Ivory Pleated Long Sleeved Maternity & Nursing Blouse - Seraphine

Overlays & Draping

Overlays and draping are used to add discreet touches, making nursing fashion more adaptable for the woman who wants to take their look from day to night.  A looser, flowing body design combined with stretch knit fabrics also allows for wear both during pregnancy and while you nurse your new baby.  Seen in styles from our Carry line as well as Ripe, these pieces typically feature slits at the bust for easy nursing access post-pregnancy. You will also receive many questions from friends and family, about where your new styles are from, as they will not believe you when you tell them that they are maternity/nursing.

Ana Black Flyaway Nursing Dress - Carry

Silver Striped Long Sleeved Swing Back Maternity & Nursing Top - Ripe Maternity

Sybil Grey Marl Crossover Maternity & Nursing Sweatshirt - Seraphine

Which styles and functions are your favourite? Leave us a comment below and let us know!





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