Our Commitment

At Carry, we’re committed to creating sustainable and ethical clothing that lets you put your best bump forward. We believe fashion shouldn’t be disposable and are proud supporters of slow fashion, which is why we design clothing intended to last through multiple pregnancies and post-pregnancy. 

We hope our contemporary, easy-to-wear pieces will stay in your forever closet.


Our clothes are intended to last for years before being discarded. We’re dedicated to pursuing  quality and attention to detail that ensures our clothes will wear well. 

We hope our customers will love their Carry clothing beyond just one season, or pass it forward for a friend to love. Increasing the lifespan of clothing from one to two years reduces emissions, with each continuing year further reducing carbon, waste, and water consumption.

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Our Production

We practice Just-in-Time manufacturing, a method in which goods are produced as needed rather than in large quantities. Fast fashion companies produce large batches of inventory, which reduces their cost of production per-piece but leaves excess stock destined for their sale rack. Then if it doesn’t sell, it’s dumped in landfill or burned, contributing to pollution. 

When you shop with Carry, you’re getting an item that’s been made for you, one garment at a time, right here in Toronto.

Our Factory

All the pieces in our Carry line are designed and produced in Toronto. We are partnered with a local contractor who is devoted to ethical and quality production. One of the most impactful ways to improve fashion production is by ensuring that the employees of our factory are paid fairly, and equally. 

We are familiar with every step and every person involved in the creation of our line. We regularly visit our factory and are hands-on in the creation process. 

In the spirit of being sustainable in all aspects of our supply chain, we reuse all the plastic hangers and protective bags our clothes are packaged in and bring them back to the factory for reuse. 

Our Materials

We prioritize fabrics that don't adversely affect the environment. While sourcing fabrics, we look for eco-friendly, certified organic fabrics that don't require a lot of water consumption to produce.

We’ve chosen to continue to utilize poly and some other synthetic materials in some of our clothing as it increases the durability and comfort of the garments. The fabrications must be able to withstand the wear and tear of a maternity capsule wardrobe.