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The news is out!

If you do not follow us on social media, then you may not know that I am PREGNANT! This is my second pregnancy and we are expecting twins!  My fiance and I both feel so blessed and overjoyed to grow our little family. And, our little girl is totally stoked to be a big sister!

Finding out that you are pregnant can leave you in a whirlwind of emotions.  On top of that, add pregnancy symptoms and not fitting into your clothes.  It can all be quite a challenge to manage. Having been through this once before, I am here to share with you my Pregnancy Survival Guide, filled with carefully curated tips on how to survive the first trimester! Because, we never receive enough friendly advice while pregnant, right?

Tip #1 

Sharing the news

This is a sensitive and tricky one to manage- you want to tell everyone! If you tell people, are they accidentally going to slip and tell others? Are you going to slip and tell people? Also, how long is that teeny tiny bump going to stay teeny tiny?

As soon as possible, have a careful conversation with your partner about when and who to tell. You may both have different ideas on who should be the first to know, however, having that initial conversation will make it easier to respect each other’s wishes.

Tip #2

Dealing with Nausea 

Every woman and every pregnancy is different. With my first, all I really experienced was motion sickness. I had a few days that I took my prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach and quickly learned my lesson. Ouch! However, with this pregnancy it has not been the same. A twins pregnancy is accompanied by the double the symptoms and double the hormones. To combat nausea, I keep water on my nightstand and ensure that I eat within a half hour of waking up; crackers are a perfect small snack to devour before breakfast and in between meals.

Mints!! I have mints in my purse and sitting on my counter at home, they always help when either motion sickness or nausea in general kicks in. Whenever I feel a little motion sickness on transit or in the car, I pop a mint or two to help it pass. They are also great for getting rid of pesky aftertastes that can trigger nausea after a meal.

Tip #3

Fitting an ever-changing waistline

Depending on your body frame, you may show quickly. If you have a longer torso or are carrying further in your back, you may not show as early. Either way, a tighter waistline is inevitable. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT think that you have to live in leggings! There are so many options available now to help you look and feel great.

Jeans!! Finding a great pair of maternity jeans was #1 on my list. From my experience, jeans are the first item that you will grow out of and they are the hardest ones to get back into after having your baby. The sooner you get maternity jeans the more use you will get out of them and the easier it will become to put your looks together. Being a true denim lover myself, I can attest that you do not have to sacrifice style during pregnancy.  So many great denim labels now make maternity styles including Paige, J Brand and Citizens. There are also great well-priced maternity brands that make jeans as well- Ripe, Seraphine and GeBe.

Pregnancy Survival Guide - The First Trimester | Blog | Carry Maternity

Wearing the Brigitte Jean from Paige.


Face First

Restless nights and all day nausea quickly got me looking like a Walking Dead extra!  Here is how I handle it: a good BB cream, concealer and luminizer = my trick to glowing skin. I mix my favourite concealer and luminizer together for a healthy glow, then top it off with a moisturizing BB cream to give my skin life and hydration.  No one has to know that I did not “wake up like this”. My favourite lip balm, dry shampoo and of course, prenatal vitamins are all essentials that I cannot live without.

Stretch marks? No, thank you!

To prevent stretch marks (hopefully) and also alleviate itchy, dry skin, I use a combination of Vaseline Radiance coco butter moisturizer and Shoosha Stretch Mark Oil. I start by putting the moisturizer all over my upper half, including my back and hips (because yes, your skin will stretch there, too) and then I layer on the oil. Using both eliminates the midday tummy itch and keeps my skin feeling supple all day long. I do this routine twice a day; once in the morning after I wake up and then in the evening before bed. I used this same routine with my first pregnancy and thankfully never had a single stretch mark. (Here’s hoping this time will end with the same results).

Tip #5

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during pregnancy helps your body on so many levels. Getting enough fluids, helps your skin retain moisture (keeping stretch mark prevention on top of mind), and helps to flush out everyday toxins. Sometimes feeling lightheaded and nauseous can also mean that you are not getting enough fluids. I always have a water bottle with me and I usually end up refilling it about 4-5 times a day while I am at work.

Tip #6

Write it Down

Get a pregnancy journal! I kept one with my first and I bought one for this pregnancy as well. Having a pregnancy journal is a great way to keep memories, as we all know how forgetful we can be (especially while pregnant). Take the time to jot down important notes along the way, like when you first felt your baby kick or when you noticed your first baby hiccups. These amazing memories are great to share with your little one when they are older. A pregnancy journal is also an excellent way to stay organized, as they typically include appointment reminders, baby shower guest lists and how to organize your thank you cards.  You can find them at good stationary shops or bookstores.


I hope that this post has been helpful, as I wish I had found specific advice about beauty and style while pregnant with my first. If you have some of your own tips that have helped you along your journey, share them below! Let’s share in our joy together!

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