Charlotte's Bum Butter for Newborns

Charlotte’s Bum Butter for Newborns is the starter diaper cream for your tiny baby. This Bum Butter does not contain any fragrance as to not overwhelm your fresh baby.

Whipped for easier spreading and application; it melts on contact with the skin and absorbs fast while leaving a fine satin layer on the surface for extra protection. It packs a potent punch of oils loaded with vitamins.

A little will go a long way! You can use it as a diaper cream on your baby’s bum or anywhere else on their tiny body where a little lubrication and protection is needed, such as in those tender creases around the neck and in their arm pits.

Use it to soften cradle cap and to soothe sensitive, eczema prone skin. This butter is suitable for new babies and older babies, kids and adults with sensitive skin and sensitivity to essential oils.

More About Charlotte's Bum Butter…

Charlotte’s Bum Butter for Newborns is all vegan, cocoa butter based formula, scented only with organic essential oils extracted without any chemicals or solvents.

It has a delicious chocolate smell and even our unscented formula for newborns smells like dessert. The amount of essential oil in each tin is small enough to not harm the tiny organism of a baby and just enough to offer soothing and protecting benefits of the plants used.

Our mix of all organic essential oils adds lovely smell that used regularly and consistently will create pleasant memories of loving care and gentle time spent with mommy and daddy.

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