Ariane Peach Soft Maternity & Nursing Sweater

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The Ariane Peach Soft Maternity & Nursing Sweater by Noppies can be worn both during and after your pregnancy.

The melange design is made of a soft material mix. The stretchy fabric allows both your body optimum room to change and your baby to develop.

Once you have brought your baby into the world, the extra layer of fabric can be lifted up to make breastfeeding easy and discreet.

The fabric beautifully has your belly covered and the top has a round neckline.


More About Noppies…

Noppies is the brand for every pregnant woman who cherishes her individual style.

They have been designing, developing, creating and marketing maternity clothes for over twenty years now.

The one common strand to all Noppies collections?

Each piece represents design excellence at its very best and is crafted with the sort of care that can only be described as love.

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