Ingrid & Isabel

Black Bellaband

 Bellaband by Ingrid and Isabel is a thoughtfully constructed maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear and garments that slip down around a late-pregnancy belly.

  • New stay-put silicone strip provides extra hold at the hip

  • New longer length for extra coverage and flexability

  • Wear throughout and after pregnancy

  • Ultra-soft, seamless knit construction

  • Designed to expand and recover

Available in White and Black.

More About Ingrid & Isabel...

Ingrid & Isabel specialize in Bellaband and offer a collection of essential and everyday items ideal during and after pregnancy. Ingrid & Isabel design for function with an appreciation for fashion, seek and even develop fine fabrics and employ detailed craftsmanship to address the needs of pregnant women, their wardrobes and their ever-changing bodies.


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