Eco Friendly Laundry Ball

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The Eco Friendly Laundry Ball by SmartKlean is a special favourite among us at Carry! Take extra care of yourself and your home during your pregnancy by avoiding toxic chemicals and wasteful plastics.

This laundry ball is a natural laundry detergent (without the detergent!), that organically washes and softens fabrics.

Antibacterial to remove germs, uses less water, and is gentle on clothes.

Fresh Scent and Phosphate Free!

  • Natural Laundry Cleaning Without Chemical Detergents

  • Organic Antibacterial Fresh Scent and Phosphate Free

  • Wash and fabric soften Smartklean Laundry Ball

  • Eco friendly use less water save money go green

  • No Static, No Chemicals, No Itching


More About SmartKlean...

SmartKlean is an internationally renowned brand that makes laundry care safer, enjoyable and more economical.

SmartKlean started in 2009 as a family that wanted to make a difference. For far too many decades, a harmful convention has taken place: wasteful, chemical-laden laundry products.

With our innovative alternative, we help others reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals, economize, and truly care for our Mother Earth.

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