Lelepa Blue Gingham Floral Print Maternity Tankini Swimsuit

Beautifully fresh, the Lelepa Blue Gingham Floral Print Maternity Tankini Swimsuit by Anita is a two-piece designed for summer pregnancies.

Tankini style top features side ruching to accommodate for your growing bump and is made discreet through the print, for use long after pregnancy.

Both top & bottom have tons of stretch for ultimate comfort, and bust is full in coverage.

Wear by the shore, or swim laps, Lelepa is the best of both function & fashion.

* breast lining

* detachable straps


More about Anita...

There is nothing more important than a well-fitting bra!

For years now, we have concentrated on achieving optimal fit, quality, and comfort in our various articles. We have no plans to stop improving and perfecting our products. Besides practicalities, we also focus on the fashion element of our products. Rather than succumbing to the trend of the moment, we aim to create a "classic chic" look - with designs and styles which are relevant not only now, but which will also look great in years to come.

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