Mara Mea

Mess Around Paisley Playmat and Carrier Bag

The Mess Around Paisley Playmat and Carrier Bag by Mara Mea is a must-have.

Spread out, it serves as the perfect crawling mat for little ones to play on.

As soon as you take the mat by both handles and pull to tighten the two drawstrings, it transforms into a practical bag you can easily store all of your essentials in.

  • Perfect for the beach and the park
  • Can also be used as a bag
  • Diameter: 110 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton, hand-woven
  • Lining: 100% polyester, water repellent

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More About Mara Mea…

Designers Maren and Dorina founded their Berlin Based label in 2015.

The goal was to create stylish, yet multifunctional, maternity and nursing wear that could be worn during and after pregnancy.

For them, a mother is not only a mother, but first and foremost a woman.

Their travels and discoveries of new and exciting cultures constantly inspire them, combining these influences with modern and graphic elements. 

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