Organic Milk Producing Breastfeeding Tea

The Organic Milk Producing Breastfeeding Tea by Matraea is formulated by midwives and certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

A balanced herbal blend to encourage healthy lactation, the milk tea supports mamas by providing essential vitamins and minerals so you can nourish your baby while you are nourishing yourself.

Their loose-leaf blend is easy to use and offers more milk-boosting benefits per serving than bagged teas. 

Best used in consultation with a primary health care provider. Consult your midwife/doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding.


Fennel Seed/Graines de Fenouil (Foeniculum vulgare)*; Lemon Verbena Leaf/Feuille de Verveine Vitron (Lippia citriodora)*; Anise Seed/Graines d’Anis (Pimpinella anisum)*; Caraway Seed/Graines de Carvi (Carum carvi)*; Fenugreek/Fenugrec (Foenum-graecum)*; Lemon Oil/ Huile de Citron (Citrus limon)*; Fennel Oil/ Huile de Fenouil (Foeniculum vulgare)* 

*Organic Ingredients/Ingrédients Biologique


More about Matraea...

Matraea products are crafted with intention: from the sourcing, purpose, and origin of our supply ingredients and materials, to our products’ design, packaging and branding, our mandate is to meet the highest standards for not only safety, health, and sustainability, but also beauty. Women having babies deserve to be cherished and loved, supported by products that nurture not only their babies, but also their own hearts.

Every time a mama uses a Matraea product, not only does she say to her baby, but also to herself: You are Loved.

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