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Black Skin to Skin Kangaroo T-Shirt

The Vija Skin to Skin Kangaroo T-shirt fit is rather adjusted (required for good support!).

It also features built-in post-partum light support which improves the silhouette where needed.

You can easily slip Baby in, as with any other stretch wrap.

The stretchy side shirring adds comfort to mother and baby.

Baby’s back and bum are supported by 3 strips of fabric for a strong tight fit.

Baby can safely fall asleep, thanks to the "head restraint" system (stretch neckline facings above baby's head).

The Vija Skin to Skin Kangaroo T-Shirt is ethically made in Canada of good quality high-density stretch cotton/spandex jersey without heavy metal contamination to ensure new mother’s confidence to carry up to about 15lb baby.


Another big advantage, this t-shirt allows quick and discreet breastfeeding without holes or slits, even for twins synchronized for lunch! You can, therefore, appreciate it throughout the nursing period – even long after Junior is too heavy for the integrated carrier

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What is Skin To Skin?

It's carrying the newborn baby on yourself (vertically), skin against skin (baby with a diaper, of course!).

Skin-to-Skin can be practiced at the hospital after birth or at home afterwards.

It is suggested to practice several times a day (about 1 hour) decreasing slowly until about 3 months. 

This method of parent-child bonding is called "Kangaroo Care."


Until very recently (before we invented easy hands-free skin-to-skin clothes!), it was difficult to practice skin-to-skin often and in public ... Most of the time, it could not be "free hand "... Vija Design™ offers several types of clothing, beautiful, comfortable and also facilitate breastfeeding. And also offers easy Skin-to-skin T-shirts for Dad!

They have been tested and patented.

The use of cotton / spandex high density jersey without chemical contamination and/or heavy metals is mostly used for manufacturing them.

Cotton is hypoallergenic, breathable, non-slip, absorbs moisture and is easy to sterilize, if necessary.

Top-quality sewing (14 points per inch) for durability. A stretch facing supports the neck and / or baby's head without compressing.


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