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Maternity Styling: What to Buy, Borrow, And What To Bring Along

A Helpful Guide to Feeling Good in your Changing Body

When you're experiencing daily change and a brand new body throughout pregnancy and the fourth trimester, it’s important to practice self care, listen to your personal needs, and accept help from those around you. 

We have compiled a list of the top items to invest in, the best pieces to borrow from your friends and family, and items that transition well from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

Before You Begin

Clear your closet and create a bin of things that aren’t serving you during pregnancy. You can revisit once you are through pregnancy and the fourth trimester. For now, we only want items in your closet that truly make you feel confident and like yourself. This will help you see the gaps in your closet. A successful pregnancy wardrobe doesn’t mean repurchasing your entire wardrobe, it’s a healthy mix of buying what you need, borrowing what you can, and bringing along items that still serve you well.

What to buy, borrow, and bring along blog


  • Wardrobe staples (that actually fit) : Let’s be real, those t-shirts that are riding up your belly just aren’t cutting it. Investing in a few basics like jeans, and t-shirts that fit with the right proportions will make you feel confident through pregnancy and post-partum.
  • Dresses : Dresses are a great way to feel polished and comfortable as you near your delivery date. A pretty dress is a great piece to document your pregnancy in.
  • Nursing-friendly clothing : Whether you end up nursing long-term or not, you will be thankful to have easy access for feeding and pumping in the fourth trimester, especially during the learning curve. 
  • Nursing bras : you can transition into nursing bras at any time in pregnancy, that will fit you throughout pregnancy and afterward. We recommend being fitted by a professional to ensure they will serve you during and after without losing support and comfort. Book a consultation for fitting advice.
What to buy, borrow, and bring along blog


  • Clothing (if it fits your body and personal style) : Friends will offer to give you a box of maternity wear, which is a great (and sustainable!) way to get clothing for your pregnancy. While it’s important to be gratuitous of the generosity of your friends, make sure that you aren’t sacrificing your personal style and self image just because it’s free. Be realistic - is this something you would have purchased for yourself with your own money? Does it fit you? Do you feel good in it? If the answer is yes, add it to the mix! If it doesn’t make you feel good, say thank you and pass it along to the next person who may be able to benefit from it.
  • Your favourite band tees and sweaters from your partner : Now may be the time to steal and style your favourite pieces from your partner’s closet, if they have any cool graphic tees or an oversized sweater that you like, throw on a pair of maternity leggings and some combat boots and rock husband street style.
What to buy, borrow, and bring along blog

Bring Along

  • Great statement jackets : Layer your maternity basics under open jackets from your closet.
  • Cropped sweaters/tops : Reimagine some of your pre-pregnancy clothing, rather than pairing a cropped sweater with high-waisted jeans, try it over a maternity skirt or sleeveless dress. 
  • Comfortable shoes : Think stacked heels, kitten heels, flats, and sneakers. 
  • Anything that makes you feel good! : The items that make you feel confident, like yourself, and beautiful should join you in this new journey in your life. Remember that if you are using non-maternity in your pregnancy wardrobe be wary of stretching out your favourite pieces as they are not designed to grow with you. If you think the spandex is working overtime - it may be time to replace it with something quality that will work throughout your pregnancy. 

You don’t need to repurchase every single piece in your non-maternity wardrobe to have a successful and confident pregnancy style. A combination of purchasing, borrowing, and reimagining some of your favourite pieces is the best way to enjoy this special time in your life. 

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