Packing Hospital Bag Essentials For Delivery With First Time Mom Mel

Preparing your hospital bag is a great way to feel confident for labor. It's recommended to get everything into your bag during the 8th month in case your baby makes an early entry. We helped Mel (@thelisters85 on Instagram), a first time mom, to pack all the things she will need to be ready for her big day this month.

Watch The Video to see what Mel has in her Hospital Bag:

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The Essentials

We rounded up some of our favourite Hospital Bag Essentials below!

Packing Hospital Bag Essentials For Delivery With First Time Mom Mel | CARRY

Delivery Gown: During delivery you will want to wear a delivery gown to ensure an easy process that will not ruin your nursing PJs. Outfitted with snaps for easy nursing and more snaps to ensure your rear is covered too.

Comfy PJs: After you are cleaned up, a pair of fresh PJs (with easy nursing access!) are the perfect way to rest and recover. 

Light-weight Robe: We recommend a nice robe that you can cozy up and have some privacy with baby. 

Disposable Underwear: Things can definitely get messy after delivery and some pairs of disposable underwear will be your friend in early days with baby.

Nipple Cream: We love creams that do it all - and the Overachiever is a winner as it works well as a nipple cream and overall body balm. Thanks to it’s natural ingredients you can rest assured it is safe for baby.

Lip Balm: Keeping hydrated is key!

Natural Deodorant: It’s especially important to use natural products wherever possible, your skin is the biggest organ on your body. Using natural products is the best way to keep baby safe in early years and nursing.

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Packing Hospital Bag Essentials For Delivery With First Time Mom Mel

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