Benefits of

3-in-1 Coats

Bump, Baby-Carrying, & Beyond

With winter on its way, our collection of 3-in-1 coats is your solution to keep you and baby warm all winter long. If you're having a winter baby, it's important to have a coat that fits every step of the way.

This maternity & beyond winter essential will serve you for years to come.

During Pregnancy

- Coat fits through all stages of pregnancy

- Easy-to-use adjustment as you grow

- Ease of mind with one piece

For Baby-Carrying

- Zip in baby carrying panel

- Protects baby from elements

- Hassle-free walking experience; No need for strollers in the snow

& Beyond

- Remove baby-carrying panel

- Fits well long after bump

- Wear in your wardrobe for years to come

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A collection that fits all lifestyles. Contact us for a coat fitting, available in-store or virtually.

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