Shopping for Maternity

New to maternity shopping? Have a few questions? You are not alone, read this section for our FAQs about maternity clothing.

Go with pre-pregnancy sizing, as our maternity clothes are designed to accommodate for your changing curves.

For any further questions regarding sizing (or other inquiries), always feel free to Contact Us.

Thanks to our experienced team, you’ll find honest and open solutions to changing sizes.

Every body and every pregnancy is different. It's best to start when you feel uncomfortable in your current clothing, or when you aren't loving how things are fitting.

All of the styles we have at Carry Maternity are meant to grow with you, therefore the earlier you invest in your maternity items the most use you will get out of them.

First-time pregnancies can be daunting because one morning you wake up and suddenly none of your regular clothes fit. Depending on your lifestyle, the recommended essentials for everyone can be different. 

Carry Maternity's Basics Collection features a carefully curated selection of high-quality versatile dresses, and separates. In addition to clothing, skin care essentials like Belly Butter or Stretch Mark Serum help your body adjust to all the ongoing changes.

Most (if not all) of the styles we offer at Carry Maternity are carefully selected because they're designed to grow with you from month 1 to 9, and beyond.

All Carry exclusives, in particular, are timeless cuts that have been adjusted in the bust, belly & hips to accommodate for your changing curves. Our fabrics are also spandex rich for a comfortable & flexible fit.

If you are concerned about the longevity of a style, always feel free to Contact Us with your measurements and we can personally ensure you get the most out of your purchases.

Forever Styles are maternity-accommodating clothes you can wear before, during & after your pregnancy, and are often nursing-friendly.

Maternity Jeans seem like a tricky purchase, however if you follow our size guide (based on your pre-pregnancy sizing), you will be happy to discover the comfort and styles there are to offer.

The biggest consideration to keep in mind is your preference to Over vs. Under the belly fit. There is no "better" option, simply a personal preference between the two. Think about how your body is feeling to help you make this decision. If you prefer a high waisted option, check out our Over The Bump styles. If you want to feel like you are wearing traditional jeans (but way comfier) try an Under The Bump style!

Let's face it, boobs go through lots of changes as you go through your pregnancy and nursing journey. The good news is that Maternity Bras are also Nursing Bras!

Nursing bras are designed for all stages of motherhood. From the moment you find out you're pregnant until you are ready to wean off. Their flexible and supportive fit grows with your changing body and offers optimal support without a wire.

We recommend making the switch as soon as your current bras feel uncomfortable to get a long life out of your bras and to avoid impulse buying bras that you'll grow out of or deep diving in your wardrobe for old workout bras.

Your maternity clothing will be the most used and reused clothing you will ever own, so it's important to properly care for them.

We recommend washing in cold water and hanging your pieces to dry as a standard to ensure the dryer does not break down the spandex that allow our styles to stretch and grow with you.

Your bras should be washed inside out in a mesh bag and hung to dry to prolong their life.

The short answer, YES!

Maternity clothing is great for post-partum as a transitional wardrobe as you come down from delivery. Those maternity jeans you invested in will give you a little extra wiggle room as you bend over baby.

Lots of maternity styles hide nursing right into the design to allow easy access when you're on the move, and increase your likelihood of a successful nursing journey.

Shopping for Nursing

Preparing for delivery? Just started nursing?

Nursing clothing differs from other maternity styles because they are thoughtfully designed to have discreet access points. This creates a huge convenience when starting nursing and can make a big difference when you're on the go.

Shop our nursing-friendly styles here.

Absolutely! We encourage our shoppers to get the most from their nursing-friendly wardrobe by wearing the styles through their pregnancy. If you're just discovering nursing-friendly options, don't worry! They are plenty flattering during the 4th trimester and beyond.

You can purchase your nursing bras at any point during your pregnancy when you begin to feel uncomfortable in your everyday bras. Our nursing bras feature lots of support and comfort without the need of a wire.

If you are preparing for delivery we always recommend having a few on hand before delivery, purchased around 36 weeks. In early days with baby you'll be happy to have a few bras in rotation.

Book a virtual appointment with one of our staff to get the best fit for you.

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Get nursing pads as well.

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