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Read through some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below to get the most out of your shopping experience at Carry Maternity.

Every body and every pregnancy is different. It is best to come in when you start to feel uncomfortable in your current clothes.

All of the styles we have at Carry Maternity are meant to grow with you, therefore the earlier you invest in your maternity items the most use you will get out of them.

A very popular concern, first-time pregnancies can be daunting because one morning you wake up and suddenly none of your regular clothes fit. Depending on your lifestyle, the recommended essentials for everyone can be different. 

Some factors to consider: a neutral palette (think blackgrey, & navy) is a layering-lover's dream come true. Easily create different multi-purpose outfits by mixing & matching with items you already own such as cardigans, blazers, belts & shoes.

Carry Maternity's Basics Collection features a carefully curated selection of high-quality versatile dresses, separates, undergarments, and even nursing-friendly bras. In addition to clothing, skin care essentials like Belly Butter or Stretch Mark Serum help your body adjust to all the ongoing changes.

Shop our Basics Collection to get all the maternity essentials under your belt.

For a good start, go with pre-pregnancy sizing, as our maternity clothes are already designed to accommodate for your changing curves.

For any further questions regarding sizing (or other inquiries), always feel free to Contact Us for brand-specific guidelines.

Thanks to our intimate and experienced team, you’ll find honest and open solutions to changing bust-sizes, formal events, and looking professional on a daily basis, without sacrificing comfort.

Consistency is important to us at Carry Maternity. That's why our fit is 'true-to-size'. Generally, if you're a true Medium pre-pregnancy, your best bet is to go with a Medium in the Carry brand. 

As with purchasing maternity clothes, buy new bras the moment you start feeling uncomfortable in your pre-pregnancy bras.

We carry a ton of amazing brands like Bravado Designs, who create comfort-focused bras designed to accommodate for a changing bust and band size.

All the bras we sell at Carry are nursing friendly, ensuring you get the most out of your purchases. 

Visit us in-store, or give us a call/send us an email to get specific bra recommendations for your particular lifestyle needs. We provide complimentary bra fittings in-store to ensure the best fit. 

If you're looking for a size that is currently unavailable, particularly at the start of a season, chances are that we can order it for you or figure out an alternative solution.

Our team at Carry Maternity is intimate, and that means our stock online can often take up to 48 hours to update & reflect actual in-store inventory. 

In the meantime, please Contact Us (email/call us) and we can put you into our Specials list so once it arrives, your order will be filled.

Most (if not all) of the styles we offer at Carry Maternity are carefully selected because they're designed to grow with you from month 1 to 9, and beyond.

All Carry exclusives, in particular, are timeless cuts that have been adjusted in the bust, belly & hips to accommodate for your changing curves. Our fabrics are also spandex rich for a comfortable & flexible fit.

If you are concerned about the longevity of a style, always feel free to Contact Us with your measurements and we can personally ensure you get the most out of your purchases.

Forever Styles are maternity-accommodating clothes you can wear before, during & after your pregnancy, and are often nursing-friendly.

Make the most of your maternity wardrobe by shopping from our Forever Styles Collection.

Contact Us!

We at Carry Maternity pride ourselves on being available and ready-to-help on our many different platforms. This enables us to help you shop over the phone & online with ease. We look forward to hearing from you.  

If you have never worn maternity jeans, we recommend trying on both styles. The over-the-bump panel and side inserts are both great options and ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference.

Both options will take you all the way through and, contrary to popular belief, one is not better than the other.

Shop our selection of Maternity Denim here.

Shop our Nursing selection here.

A year-round favourite, our wrap dresses are always an instant hit and supremely comfortable. Discreetly maternity, the wrap concept allows easy nursing access, and the only thing that makes it pregnancy friendly is the additional fabric in the skirt to keep you & your bump covered.

Everyone's lifestyle is different, but we typically recommend starting with two day-in, day-out nursing bras with adequate support & a flexible fit, and at least one sleeping bra with comfort as the main focus.

Once you have the essentials out of the way, you can get something more sexy, like the Anita Fleur Lace Nursing Bra.

Visit us in-store, or give us a call/send us an email to get specific bra recommendations for your particular lifestyle needs. That way you can also provide us with your measurements to get the best fit possible!

Unsure of your measurements? See us in-store for a complimentary bra-fitting. 

Yes! All of the styles in our Nursing Section are maternity-accommodating, to ensure you get the most out of your purchases at Carry Maternity.

Shop Pregnancy & Nursing friendly styles here.

Our Gift Ideas section online has styles that are an easy fit, to ensure a stress-free shopping experience.

Along with clothing, this section also features skin-care essentials for new & upcoming mothers, & baby clothes/hats to create the perfect little care package for a loved one.

Every year around the holiday season, we publish our Gift Guide, focusing on best-selling items that are on every mother-to-be's wishlist (whether she knows it or not!) Check back regularly for up-to-date recommendations & advice.

All of our garments have small interior tags containing care instructions suggesting 'hand wash'. This is a precaution set in place to prevent your quality dresses getting mixed in with denser fabrics like towels, bedsheets, and/or denim.

For the easiest & most efficient method to care for your Carry dresses; set your washer to 'Delicate' cycle, and/or place your dresses in a garment bag to prevent chafing/pilling. Be sure to air dry your dresses flat or on a sweater rack; never in the dryer.

For style-specific advice/suggestions, feel free to Contact Us.

In recent years, making our digital presence more known has become a priority, as we know it can be hard to find time between work & home to see us in-store (110 Cumberland St, Toronto) for our one-of-a-kind shopping experience. That's why the majority of our collections can be found online.

As always, we highly encourage all of our customers to take advantage of our knowledgeable staff, and Contact Us regarding questions, concerns, or advice.

The majority of our inventory is available for purchase online, but as we primarily operate as a brick & mortar store in Yorkville, we will always have more in-store than we do online.

If there's ever anything in particular that you can't find on our website, please Contact Us so we can further assist you.

We primarily use Canada Post.

***If you have any questions or concerns about your orders please do not hesitate to email us at and we will reply back to you as soon as possible.***

Please allow up to 5 business days for processing of all online orders.

Shipping time is dependent on standard courier timeframe. Please see further details on the appropriate courier website. Please also allow additional processing and shipping time during any postal strikes.

All of our orders are gift-wrapped in tissue paper regardless of whether they're a gift or not (because you deserve to spoil yourself every now and then, too!)

If your order is a gift for someone, simply message us with a note, and we will happily provide a gift receipt, remove price tags, plus include a handwritten note just for them.

We at Carry pride ourselves on being available and ready-to-help on our many different platforms. This enables us to help you shop over the phone & online with ease. We look forward to hearing from you.

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