Whether it’s the lines we curate or the ones we create, whether it’s business or casual wear, at CARRY we are keen on four things: fit, versatility, value, and sustainability.


Everything changes when you are pregnant and put on clothes that fit you perfectly. At CARRY, we know how empowering that moment is because we experience it daily. Which is why we are so keen on fit, and why we carry and design clothes that can fit any body type to a tee. Providing you suitable options and having you take  your time to try different pieces is part of a journey we are more than happy to experience with you.


At CARRY, we believe that every piece in your closet matters. Which is why we are so strategic about the designs we offer and recommend to you. Rather than pushing you as many different pieces as possible, we are the first ones to encourage you to focus on and invest in pieces that you will wear the most often and in as many occasions as possible. Then it’s just a matter of mixing and matching your wardrobe, and you’re all set.


The biggest myth out there is that maternity clothing is a waste of money. At CARRY, we are here to debunk that myth.  Not only do we offer pieces that can be worn throughout your pregnancy and beyond, we offer them at a price range you would not expect to find at a Yorkville retailer. We truly believe that every woman,  regardless of social status or financial means, deserves to feel good about themselves throughout their pregnancy.


At CARRY we don’t believe in fast fashion, even when it comes to a fleeting time of your life like a pregnancy. Which is why we carry and design quality clothes that last, and that can be worn before, during, and after your  pregnancy. We truly believe the more mindful we all are about what we wear, the less waste go to our landfills. As a matter of fact, all pieces in our own label are locally produced by individuals we know by name and that are a true extension of our team.


CARRY is our in-house line and is designed and manufactured right here in Toronto, Canada.

Our team is very hands on in the process every step of the way, from hand-selecting our premium fabrics, sampling each piece, all the way until final production.

Read more about our ethical production process here.

Made in Toronto

Our Production

We are proud to share that CARRY is designed and made ethically in Toronto, Canada. From start to finish, our designers oversee every step of our production.