Our Story

At Carry, we understand the pregnant body. We understand how challenging maternity shopping can be for a pregnant woman, who is dealing with so many physical changes and the emotional impact that comes with it.

Our Team

Pat Gillespie Co-owner

A strong believer that pregnancy is not meant to be tolerated, it’s meant to be enjoyed, Pat has been in the business for over 15 years and has seen it all. She is the head designer of CARRY, our Canadian-made in-house line. A natural problem solver and a mom to all of us, she thrives by helping women of all kinds find joy in their pregnancy while finding clothes that fit them to perfection.  Passionate about fit, she asks key questions to ensure that you don’t compromise personal style during this very special time in your life. 

Kat Gillespie

The ying to Pat’s yang, Kat is just as passionate about maternity clothing and just as keen on fit as her mother. Which is why her eyes roll whenever she hears someone say: ‘just buy one size bigger’ or ‘just wear black’. In her own words:  ‘who dresses like that?’ The store buyer and the co-designer behind CARRY’s own label, she is the one with a pulse on the street and always on the lookout for timeless designs that will flatter the pregnant body, and make women feel amazing about themselves and their pregnancy.

Visit us

We have created a space, in the heart of Toronto, where all bumps are welcomed. A space where anyone can come in, share their aspirations and frustrations, and try new things. As many things as they want, at their own pace, until they find something that they love and that fits them perfectly. Our priority has never been, nor will it ever be, the sale. What we want is for every pregnant woman to feel good about themselves, so that they can fully enjoy this very special time in their lives.

So please come on in, we are here for you.